1st Edition

Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy

By Narda G. Robinson Copyright 2016
    1215 Pages 1051 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Teton NewMedia

    This presentation uses anatomically precise, computer-generated reconstructed images of the human body for three-dimensional presentation of acupuncture points and channels. The CD component is fully interactive and allows the user to see through tissue layers, remove tissue layers, and rotate structures so that specific acupuncture points can be visualized in relation to their surrounding nerves, organs, and vessels. The accompanying book provides full color anatomic drawings and detailed information regarding the physiologic basis for acupuncture, which will be useful in conjunction with the CD.

    Introduction to Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy. Yin and Yang and Moving Forward. The Workings of Acupuncture. Practicing Safe Acupuncture. Introduction to the Point Tables. Acupuncture Points and Channels in a Regional Format. Lung Channel. Large Intestine Channel. Stomach Channel. Spleen Channel. Heart Channel. Small Intestine Channel. Bladder Channel. Kidney Channel. Pericardium Channel. Triple Heater Channel. Gallbladder Channel. Liver Channel. Location of Extra Points in Common Use. Introduction to the Eight "Singular Vessels," "Extraordinary Vessels," or "Curious Meridians." Conception Vessel Channel. Governor Vessel Channel. Appendices.


    Narda G. Robinson