1st Edition

Interconnection and the Internet Selected Papers From the 1996 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference

Edited By Gregory L. Rosston, David Waterman Copyright 1998
    372 Pages
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the Federal Communications Commission's Local Competition Order are just two examples of the continuing monumental and far-reaching changes occurring throughout the telecommunications industry. At the 1996 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC) -- an annual forum for dialogue among scholars and the policymaking community on a wide range of telecommunications issues -- leading industry and academic researchers presented results of their research and insights in key areas of activity, including:
    *interconnection and competition;
    *Internet growth and commerce;
    *Internet regulation and control; and
    *the political economy of telecommunications regulation.

    The best of the 1996 TPRC papers are included here, representing the forefront of research in the telecommunications industry. The third in an annual LEA series of volumes based on this important conference, this collection reflects the rapid economic, technological, and social development of telecommunications. It also reflects the current state of research thinking on this issue and provides a foundation for further telecommunications policy analysis.

    Contents: D. Waterman, Preface. G.L. Rosston, D. Waterman, Introduction. Part I:Interconnection and Competition. G.W. Brock, Local Competition Policy Maneuvers. M.L. Katz, Economic Efficiency, Public Policy, and the Pricing of Network Interconnection Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996. J. Haring, J.H. Rohlfs, Telecommunications Pricing and Competition. D.P. Satapathy, J.M. Peha, Spectrum Sharing Without Licenses: Opportunities and Dangers. Part II:Internet Growth and Commerce. J. Katz, P. Aspden, Motivations for and Barriers to Internet Usage: Results of a National Public Opinion Survey. D.D. Clark, Combining Sender and Receiver Payments in the Internet. J.K. MacKie-Mason, K. White, Evaluating and Selecting Digital Payment Mechanisms. S. Singh, The Social Impact of Electronic Money. F.A. Wolak, Electronic Substitution in the Household-Level Demand for Postal Delivery Services. Part III:Internet Regulation and Control. R.M. Frieden, Can and Should the FCC Regulate Internet Telephony? L.J. Camp, D.M. Riley, Bedrooms, Barrooms, and Boardrooms on the Internet. J. Weinberg, Rating the Net. Part IV:Telecommunications and Politics. S.D. Ross, Bell Had a Hammer: Using the First Amendment to Beat Down Entry Barriers. G.R. Faulhaber, Voting on Prices: The Political Economy of Regulation. H.E. Hudson, Restructuring the Telecommunications Sector in Developing Regions: Lessons From Southeast Asia.


    Gregory L. Rosston, David Waterman