2nd Edition

Intercultural Communication for Global Business How Leaders Communicate for Success

By Elizabeth A. Tuleja Copyright 2021
    334 Pages 84 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    334 Pages 84 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    As concise and practical as ever, this new edition brings together principles and new theories in intercultural communication, focusing on communication as the foundation for management and global leadership.

    Grounded in the need for building awareness and knowledge, practicing mindfulness, and then working on skill development, this text examines the concepts associated with understanding culture and communication in the global business environment to help readers:

      • understand intercultural communication processes;
      • improve self-awareness and communication in intercultural settings;

      • expand skills in identifying, analyzing, and solving intercultural communication challenges at work; and

      • evaluate whether one’s communication has been effective.

    This fully updated new edition also includes completely updated case studies, with an increased emphasis on non-US perspectives, to show real-world applications across the globe.

    Richly illustrated with new examples and activities, this text is the ideal companion for any business student or manager dedicated to communicating more effectively in a globalized society.

    Foreword by Gert Jan Hofstede

    Part I: Foundations of Intercultural Communication

    1. Culture in Business Contexts

    Case: Wal-Mart in Germany: Corporate formula does not fit the German culture

    Part II: Self-Awareness in Intercultural Communication

    2. Cultural Competence for Leaders

    Case: Appropriating the Samoan Culture: Another Nike Cultural Faux Pas

    3. Culture and Identity

    Case: Cheerios Commercial: 30 Seconds that Caused 30 Days of Controversy

    Part III: Concepts of Intercultural Communication

    4. Cultural Frameworks and Foundations

    Case: Best Buy: Is China Ready for the Big Box?

    5. Culture and Context in Communication

    Case: Target Corporation: The "Urine Sandal"

    6. Culture and Worldview

    Case: Nike, Inc.: Air Bakin’ Blunder and the Council on American-Islamic Relations

    7. Culture and Cognition

    Case: Groupon: Advertising at Super Bowl XLV

    Part IV: Intercultural Leadership

    8. Culture and Leadership

    Case: Brew Time: Starbucks in the Indian Market


    Elizabeth A. Tuleja, Ph.D., is founder and president of The Intercultural Leader InstituteTM, LLC, an online executive education platform that provides cross-cultural assessment, courses, coaching, and consulting globally. She teaches and consults in the USA, China, and around the world.

    "Elizabeth Tuleja has written an excellent and balanced introduction to cross-cultural behavior. She interweaves cross-cultural anecdotes, longer cases, and a firm grasp of the major theories and approaches in the cross-cultural area to produce a highly readable, sensitive, and insightful introduction to this amazingly complicated area. Professor Tuleja has also expanded the number of examples to include those describing European, New Zealander and Australian issues. As well, she theorizes about the influence that Covid-19 is exerting on cross-cultural behavior. In every substantive chapter she has also introduced a unique feature, 'In My Own Words: Cross-cultural experiences of people from around the world.' I highly recommend this new edition."

    Martin J. Gannon, University of Maryland and California State University San Marcos, USA


    "Elizabeth Tuleja brings a unique and welcome intercultural communication perspective to the field of global business. Her extensive background and mastery of the literature has resulted in an engaging book full of useful concepts, models, and real-life examples and cases that are suitable for both newcomers to the field and experienced practitioners."

    Joyce Osland, Professor Emeritus, San Jose State University, USA and Senior Partner, Kozai Group


    "This excellent book on intercultural communication for global business is a tool that will enhance your mindset and skill set in a way that develops cultural intelligence. It is my opinion that every business leader, politician, salesperson, negotiator, and diplomat should own a copy of this book and read it well. Just as Emotional Intelligence can be developed, so too can Cultural Intelligence be developed, and as much as we need Emotional Intelligence in our world today, we also definitely need Cultural Intelligence if we hope to lead well in this new globalized reality. This is a book you must own, and once you own, make the contents your own!"

    Rob Elkington, CEO and President, Global Leadership Initiatives; Ontario Tech University Faculty of Education, Stellenbosch University School of Public Leadership; Trent University Faculty, Master of Management


    "Tuleja provides a lucid and timely compass for navigating cultures in a rapidly globalizing, often polarizing world. Practical intercultural tools, fresh thought-provoking case studies and engaging activities offer students and professionals lit pathways for effective communications across a dizzying array of clashing cultures. Don’t leave home without it!"

    Joe Lurie, Award-Winning Author and UC Berkeley International House Executive Director Emeritus