1st Edition

Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Sciences Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science 2014 (ICIBSoS 2014), 1–2 November 2014, Bali, Indonesia.

Edited By Ford Lumban Gaol Copyright 2015

    The human aspect plays an important role in the social sciences. The behavior of people has become a vital area of focus in the social sciences as well. Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Sciences contains papers that were originally presented at the 3rd International Congress on Interdisciplinary Behavior and Social Science 2014 (ICIBSoS 2014), held 1–2 November 2014 at the Bali Dynasty Resort, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

    The contributions deal with various interdisciplinary research topics, particularly in the fields of social sciences, education, economics and arts. The papers focus especially on such topics as language, cultural studies, economics, behavior studies, political sciences, media and communication, psychology and human development.

    This printed abstracts volume (92 pp) comes with a full paper CD-ROM (448 pp).

    Emotional intelligence of counseling undergraduates of two Malaysian public universities
    I.H.A. Tharbe & F. Hutagalung
    The determinants of exports between Malaysia & the OIC member countries: A panel cointegration approach
    N.A. Bakar, I.S.Z. Abidin & M. Haseeb
    Development of the theory and practice of competitiveness
    L.N. Safiullin, A.Z. Novenkova & N.Z. Safiullin
    Using historical heritage as a factor in tourism development
    G.N. Ismagilova, I.R. Gafurov & L.N. Safiullin
    Historical and cultural heritage and region’s economic (by case central and eastern Russia)
    N.G. Bagautdinova, L.N. Safiullin & N.Z. Safiullin
    Experiences of Malaysian enterprises in international strategic alliances in Vietnam
    A.B.A. Ghani, E. Mahyudin & M. Subhan
    Clients’ strategy for selection of criteria for architectural services in Abuja-Nigeria
    I.A. Alkali, A. Umar, U.B. Wakawa & S.A. Shika
    Recent development in the AML/CFT law in Malaysia
    Z. Hamin, N. Omar,W.R.W. Rosli & M.U.A. Razak
    Emerging issues in parole release by the parole board: Some evidence from Malaysia
    Z. Hamin, M.B. Othman & R.A. Hassan
    Perceptions of corporate social responsibility among employees: A comparative study among supervisors and labourers
    S. Syama & M.M. Sulphey
    On cultural awareness in the translation of culturally-loaded lexemes in the tourist materials of humanist spots in Xi’an J. Ren
    Study on corpus-based translation of Xi’an tourism publicity
    X.L. Lei
    E-training adoption in Nigeria civil service: Role of power supply, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness
    B. Zainab, F.B. Pangil & M.A. Bhatti
    The issue of accountability in terms of disclosures and timeliness of annual report
    A.A. Aziz & M. Mohid@Mohamad
    Monetary and fiscal policy in internal and external balance
    M. Yunanto & H. Medyawati
    Sustainable harvesting strategy for natural resources having a coupled Gompertz production function
    A.K. Supriatna & H. Husniah
    Determinants of capital structure: Case of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB)
    F.I. Iksan, N.L.M. Shukor, N.K.A. Kamarruddin & S.A.M. Zulkifli
    An empirical study of working capital management efficiency
    A. Ahmadijoo, S.Z.A. Rasid, R. Basiruddin & B.A. Bakar
    Performance measures use, government regulation, risk management and accountability
    B.A. Bakar, S.Z.A. Rasid & A.M. Rizal
    Features of use of direct communicative interaction in the course of formation of professionally significant competence
    L.G. Akhmetov, I.M. Faizrakhmanov & A.L. Fajzrakhmanova
    The use of multimedia technologies in the study of engineering disciplines
    B.N. Kireev & V.V. Epaneshnikov
    Organizational climate as a predicting factor in influencing SME’s employee turnover rate
    K. Ismail, N.M. Norwani, R. Yusof, S.I.S. Muhamad, H. Jaafar, A.H. Ibrahim, A.H. Ali & M.S.M. Ariff
    The ecology of street vending: A review with policy implications
    Strategic management and business model: The core competence-based view
    D.-Y. Jeong, J.-Y. Jeon & S.-M. Kim
    The relationship among perceived value, brand image, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty: The moderating effect of gender
    K.H. Chung, J.E. Yu & J.I. Shin
    Impact of the selected economic factors and advertising on Slovak consumer buying behavior
    R. Štefko, R. Baˇcík & J. Gburová
    Advertising cigarette and alcohol: Is it controversial to you?
    F. Quoquab, J. Mohammad & N. Mahadi
    Compulsive buying: Old variables in new relationships
    F. Quoquab & N. Mahadi
    Triple helix as a new matrixsystem of consumer cooperatives
    J.V. Valeeva, V.Y. Kulkova & N.S. Sharafutdinova
    The representation of Malay proverbs in the mass media: Should they be exploited for humor to generate learning?
    N.M. Amin & N.A.A. Rahman
    The mediating roles of job satisfaction in the relationship between organizational climate and organizational commitment
    E.D. Ariyani
    The connection between Laos and other countries in newspaper
    R. Chanthao
    The foodie lingo: An investigation of the patterns of language choice among Baba Malay speakers in Melaka
    I.N. Ismail & G. Veerappan
    Female dilemma: Gender expectations and the portrayal of contrast identities in two different worlds
    A.H. Shaari & S.H. Stapa
    Exploring Batek Hep’s flora and fauna
    T.S.T.I. Suzila, M.N.M. Yusri & K.S. Teo
    Batek Hep in the Malay world: Preliminary analysis of loanwords
    T.S.T.I. Suzila & K.S. Teo
    Tendencies of development of the system of infrastructure support of innovative entrepreneurship
    I.T. Nasretdinov
    Impact of urbanisation on crime in Malaysia
    S. Ishak
    Characteristic identification and entrepreneurship competence to improve SME’s success in Banten Province-Indonesia
    Meutia, T. Ismail, M. Muchlis & A. Bukhari
    Failures analysis of APTB bus to design maintenance schedule using Reliability Centered Maintenance method
    N.Y. Hidayah, L. Chairani & Y.V. Usman
    Behavioral use of courtyard in a Nupe cultural landscape of Nigeria
    I.B. Muhammad & I. Said
    Smart Tourism Center: The interpretation of the interactive cultural tourism route
    W. Sibunruang & S. Uthaisar
    The guideline to promote cultural tourism: A case study of Isan culture, Thailand
    W. Sibunruang, M. Nasa, P. Chompupor, S. Ghuangpeng & S. Uthaisar
    Structure of business in the border area of the Czech Republic and Poland
    K. Gajdová & P. Tuleja
    Studying in Malaysia public universities: Choice decision of mainland Chinese students
    H.H. Low, H.J. Yang & C.L. Yeoh
    Importance of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) among tour operator in Malaysia
    Z.I.M. Fuza, H.N. Ismail & S.M. Isa
    The effect of epistemological beliefs on academic motivation in science performance
    F. Hutagalung,W.S. Lee &A.R. Zakaria
    Malaysia’s teacher education curriculum: Outcome and issues in developing human capital through educational reform
    A.R. Zakaria, M. Mohsin, G. Darusalam & M.F. Mohamed
    Use of L1 in English language teaching classroom in Malaysian schools: A case study
    M.S. Ali, M.A. Zailani, A.J. Othman & P.K. Mishra
    Teachers’ roles and metaphor associations: Understanding the current waves
    Z. Hasim, R. Barnard, N. Maarof, H.A. Halim & T.M.T. Mohtar
    The importance of positive psychology in education: How does it make a difference?
    D.F.Y. Thing, Z. Naimie, S. Siraj, G. ElHadad & R. Nadarajan
    Nutritional and socio-economic determinants of cognitive function and educational achievement of Aboriginal schoolchildren in rural Malaysia
    B.D. Hasbullah & M. Binti Md Nor
    Messy play: Creativity and imagination among preschool children
    L.C. Yin, A.R. Zakaria, H. Baharun, F. Hutagalung & A.M. Sulaiman
    Effective instructional practices of Arabic teacher in secondary school
    M.A. Zailaini,W.M. Ismail, M.S. Ali & P.K. Mishra
    Asymmetry cost behaviour: Study case in pharmacy companies in Indonesia
    N. Eltivia
    A study of potential development to archaeological attraction in NAKHONCHAIBURIN tourism cluster
    S. Meeprom
    The correlation between gender, educational level & income rate level to taxpayers’ compliance
    T. Elida, B. Susanti & A. Raharjo
    Measuring the impact of liberalization in retail business on traditional traders (A case in Malang city)
    K.D.S. Susilowati
    Financial distress prediction on public listed banks in Indonesia stock exchange
    D. Kowanda, R.B.F. Pasaribu & M. Firdaus
    The comparison of multiple linear regression and artificial neural network methods for analyzing the effect of internal and external factors on the performance of micro and small enterprises
    A. Kuswanto
    Post-disaster economic recovery inYogyakarta, Indonesia
    Y. Andriansyah
    Students’ behavior against internet plagiarism: Ignorance, negligence or intentional?
    S.A. Saaid, Z. Abdullah & F. Din
    Discovering design implications of public housing adjustment benefits in Nigeria
    A.D. Isah, T.H. Khan & A.S. Ahmad
    Model and instrument for organizational readiness for change in ICT applications adoption: A case study of Nigerian construction industry
    A.Y.Waziri, K.N. Ali & G.U. Aliagha
    Dynamic model of Indonesian non-oil export
    M.A. Mukhyi, S. Jatmiko, A. Juarna & A.B. Mutiara
    Altruism behavior among the motorist in Indonesia (Descriptive study)
    S. Djunaedi, T. Cynthia & A. Zulkaida
    Knowledge integration and its impact on offshore IT outsourcing success
    R. Govindaraju & T.A. Arianto
    Analysis of drivers for e-commerce adoption by SMEs in Indonesia
    R. Govindaraju, I.I.Wiratmadja & R. Rivana
    A factor analysis of determining success in computer or electronic parts industries in Thailand
    K. Chaiya
    Kazakhstan innovation system
    K. Mukhtarova
    Design and validation of plagiarism practice survey using Rasch Measurement Model
    A.A. Patak, A.N. Hamimah, T. Rohaya, E. Akib &A.G.M. Najib
    Improving service contract management with availability and negotiation
    H. Husniah, A.K. Supriatna & B.P. Iskandar
    Social marketing: A framework for paving the pathway of legal assistance programme
    A. Anggraeni & S.Wahyuni
    Brand equity model of Jakarta as an international tourist destination
    T.F. Srihadi, Hartoyo, D. Sukandar & A.W. Soehadi
    Visual language in Indonesian children film: How Indonesian film makers talk to children
    A. Amelia & B.D. Aryani


    Ford Lumban Gaol (Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia)