Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management : Proceedings of the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management (IRTM, 2022), 24-26th February 2022, Kolkata, India book cover
1st Edition

Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management
Proceedings of the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Technology and Management (IRTM, 2022), 24-26th February 2022, Kolkata, India

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Book Description

We live in an inter-connected world. In the era of Industry 4.0, technology is getting embedded more and more in the way ‘we learn, live, work, and play’. This progression is accelerating at a pace never seen before. Interdisciplinary and collaborative research across disciplines within the Technology domain and Management domain, and across the Technology-Management interface is opening up exciting new possibilities for solving problems whose solutions are beyond the scope of a single discipline, domain or practice, and helping to create a brave new world. The goal of this conference was to bring together scholars, researchers, consultants, and practitioners to share their interdisciplinary research and consultative work in Technology and Management. Selected papers were then peer-reviewed and authors were invited to present their work in the conference.

The accepted and presented papers are being published by Taylor and Francis, the Knowledge Partner for this International Conference.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A comparative study on the co-dependency of supply and demand graphs in economics

Soham Kanti Bishnu, Soumendra Nath Banerjee, and Sourendra Nath Banerjee

Chapter 2 A cross country analysis of environment and health with special reference to air pollution and deaths in some parts of the world

Pallabi Mukherjee and Kali Charan Modak

Chapter 3 A discussion: A framework for future Indian healthcare translation research

Muthu Singaram, Muraleedhran VR, and Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam

Chapter 4 Brand hatred: A study of relationship of demographic factors with hatred among consumers towards brands in Indian context using chi-square application

Ashutosh Rai, Udit Chawla, and Subrata Chattopadhyay

Chapter 5 A study of thought process outsourcing and its execution in business and academic institutions

Subrata Chattopadhyay and Arunava Dalal

Chapter 6 A study on behavioural voting intentions of 1st time voters in Kolkata

Sucharita Debnath and Shivani Hazra

Chapter 7 A study on infl uence of ease of doing business scores over foreign direct investments of selected South Asian countries

Arjune S and Karthik Ram M

Chapter 8 A study on marketing trends, consumer behaviour and competitive analysis on colour cosmetic industry

Pranav Desai and Narmin Galyara

Chapter 9 A study to analyse gold policy of India

Shalini Kakkar and Pradnya V. Chitrao

Chapter 10 A study to investigate the relationship between green marketing and brand equity

Samir Sarkar, Kaushik Handique, and Bidyutjyoti Talukdar

Chapter 11 An empirical assessment of customer experience in higher education

Vimal Kamleshkumar Bhatt, Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma, and V. V. Ravi Kumar

Chapter 12 An exploratory attempt to analyze parents’ intention toward children vaccination (w.r.t. Indore city)

Chanchala Jain and Chetan Raikwar

Chapter 13 Analysis of rural households’ perception and preferences for attributes of health insurance

Mohd Zuhair and Ram Babu Roy

Chapter 14 Analysis of the strategies of e-commerce giant FLIPKART to overcome COVID-19 crisis and corresponding impact on consumer buying behaviour

Ruby S Chanda, Vanishree Pabalkar, and Risita Gupta

Chapter 15 Analysis on different aspects of investments done by investors

Vanishree Pabalkar, Ruby Chanda, and Deep Dash

Chapter 16 Barriers in subscriptions of health insurance among the urban customers

Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma, Vinay Nandre, Deepak Tiwari, and Sunaina Chetan Kuknor

Chapter 17 Behavioural intention of Unifi ed Payments Interface (UPI) usage in the pandemic: Evidence from Tamil Nadu

R. Guhan and K. Nigama

Chapter 18 Behavioural operation management a leveraging tool to boost employee morale

Mandira Dey

Chapter 19 Consequences of consumer attitude towards cause related marketing

Daniel Inbaraj Jublee and Gladys Stephen

Chapter 20 Consumer perspective on mobile wallet payment system

A. Latha and Deepa M.

Chapter 21 Consumer satisfaction on the quality of licensing services at East Java, Indonesia

Ridasmika and Christiono Utomo

Chapter 22 Cost management strategies during COVID-19 by Indian firms

Shilpa Parkhi, Kiran Karande, and Prashant Barge

Chapter 23 COVID-19 and the retail industry

Ruby S Chanda, Vanishree Pabalkar, and Isita Rai

Chapter 24 Evaluating the parameters and role of bank during COVID-19

Ramya D and Latha A

Chapter 25 Exploring the impact of administrative competencies on institutional capabilities in health-care sector

Kirupa Priyadarsini M and Shabarmathi M

Chapter 26 The future of work and India

Rahul Gupta Choudhury

Chapter 27 Gauging EU-stress and distress among police officers

Nalini R, Alamelu R, Shobhana N, Rengarajan V, Amudha R, and Dinesh S

Chapter 28 Gauging service quality among management students in B schools using MEQUAL

Amudha R, Dinesh S, Alamelu R, Nalini R, Rengarajan V, and Shobhana N

Chapter 29 Health care service quality: A comparison of satisfaction perception among public and private hospital clients in selected districts of Goa

Shashi Yadav, Debasis Patnaik, and Somrat Dutta

Chapter 30 Increase in employee motivation through upward feedback

Achala Agrawal and Shaji Joseph

Chapter 31 Intern resources as marketing engine – a prelude to new age start-ups

Piya Majumder and Sutapa Chatterjee

Chapter 32 Association of teaching practices and learner performance: An investigative approach in management education

Gagan Bhati and Tarika Nandedkar

Chapter 33 IT employee’s investment decisions: Impact of personality traits and risk tolerance

Karthikeyan Shanmugam, Vijayabanu C, Gayathri R, Theresa C, and Vijayanand V

Chapter 34 Kingdom and castles: A strategy game for studying psychology

Aleksandr Belov and Maria Monina

Chapter 35 Knowledge and beliefs: A relational study on compliance to medication and physical exercise in Parkinson’s

Mavis Lilian Henriques, Debasis Patnaik, and Ashin Laurel

Chapter 36 Land value capture model for infrastructure development in Indonesia: A research opportunity

Muhammad Rozi Rinjayadi and Christiono Utomo

Chapter 37 Mapping the job satisfaction level of employees on work performance in pharmaceutical industry

Reetu, Geeta Kumari, and KM Pandey

Chapter 38 Operational risk in airlines

Debasis Patnaik and Sudhir P R

Chapter 39 Performance of initial public offers in India – long- and short-term returns

Debasis Patnaik, Babitha Vishwanath, and Sameer M Shaikh

Chapter 40 Post pandemic impact on co-operative banking in Maharashtra state: A study

Pravin Kumar Govind Shastri, Siddhaarth Dhongde, and Chanpreet Kaur Gulati

Chapter 41 Risk of psychological disorder in children of alcoholics

Mavis Lilian Henriques, Debasis Patnaik, and Richa Shukla

Chapter 42 Satisfaction perception of clients on responsiveness by health care providers in selected hospitals of Goa

Shashi Yadav, Debasis Patnaik, and Vedant Bhardwaj

Chapter 43 The impact of faculty scholarly collaborations with non-doctoral students

Mohammad Al-Abbas

Chapter 44 The incremental effect of demographic variables personality and positive psychological capital in predicting job satisfaction of bank employees

C. Therasa, R.Gayathri, C. Vijayabanu, S. Karthikeyan and V. Badrinath

Chapter 45 The mediating effect of social media use in the relationship between social capital and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition

P Varsha Pramod and Remya Ramachandran

Chapter 46 Usage based insurance in Indian automobile

Narayana Darapaneni, Chetan Prakash Singh, Abutaahir Bhadusha, Tejas Mashruwala, Aadhityaa Shanmugam, and Anwesh Reddy Paduri

Chapter 47 Valorization potential of the levels of the waste management hierarchy: Industrial wastewater management in the Indian chemical industry

Sandra D’Sa and Debasis Patnaik

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Satyajit Chakrabarti; Director, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata

Ashiq A. Sakib; Assistant Professor, Florida Polytechnic University, FL, USA

Rohit Singh; Senior Wireless Engineer at DISH Network, Denver, Colorado, United States

Pradipta Kumar Banerji; Dean (Management Studies), Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

Sanghamitra Poddar; Professor, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata

Anupam Bhattacharya; Principal of Management Studies, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata

Malay Gangopadhyaya; Professor, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata

Srijita Chakraborty; Assistant Professor, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata