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Interface: Language in Literary Studies

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`A linguist deaf to the poetic function of language and a literary scholar indifferent to linguistic problems and unconversant with linguistic methods, are equally flagrant anachronisms.' - Roman Jakobson

This statement, made over twenty-five years ago, is no less relevant today, and `flagrant anachronisms' still abound. Routledge, working in conjunction with the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) and its chair, Ronald Carter, has developed the Interface series to examine topics at the `interface' of language studies and literary criticism, and in so doing, to build bridges between these traditionally divided disciplines.

`Literary linguistics is a firmly established interdisciplinary field ... The Interface series offers students and teachers a rich range of new and revealing perspectives on both traditional and contemporary literary topics.' - Roger Fowler, University of East Anglia

`On the planes of theory, description and classroom practice this series will do much to support and enhance work at the interface of language and literature.' - M.A.K. Halliday, Sydney University

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Language, Literature and Critical Practice Ways of Analysing Text

Language, Literature and Critical Practice: Ways of Analysing Text

1st Edition

By David Birch
April 19, 1989

Using a wide-ranging variety of texts the author reviews and evaluates a broad range of approaches to textual commentary, introducing the reader to the fundamental distinction between `actual' and `virtual' worlds in critical practice....

The Language of Jokes Analyzing Verbal Play

The Language of Jokes: Analyzing Verbal Play

1st Edition

By Delia Chiaro
June 19, 1992

In this highly readable and thought-provoking book, Delia Chiaro explores the pragmatics of word play, using frameworks normally adopted in descriptive linguistics. Using examples from personally recorded conversations, she examines the structure of jokes, quips, riddles and asides. Chiaro explores...

Feminist Stylistics

Feminist Stylistics

1st Edition

By Sara Mills
July 31, 1995

This lively and accessible book is the first sustained account of feminist stylistics. Mills explores such issues as sexism, political correctness, reader positioning and meaning, opening up the study of style to feminist inquiry....

Literary Studies in Action

Literary Studies in Action

1st Edition

By Alan Durant, Nigel Fabb
February 22, 1990

`This is a textbook for the times, which addresses itself brilliantly to the twin phenomena of expanding horizons and diminishing resources of English studies.' - David Lodge...

A Linguistic History of English Poetry

A Linguistic History of English Poetry

1st Edition

By Richard Bradford
November 15, 1993

This introductory book takes the reader through literary history from the Renaissance to Postmodernism, and considers individual texts as paradigms which can both reflect and unsettle their broader linguistic and cultural contexts. Richard Bradford provides detailed readings of individual texts ...

English in Speech and Writing Investigating Language and Literature

English in Speech and Writing: Investigating Language and Literature

1st Edition

By Rebecca Hughes
October 31, 1996

In this activity-based text, Rebecca Hughes invites the reader to examine the differences between spoken and written English.Instead of presenting a bewildering array of 'facts' about variety in English, she encourages the reader to actively investigate the differences between these two modes of ...

Language, Ideology and Point of View

Language, Ideology and Point of View

1st Edition

By Paul Simpson
June 25, 1993

This systematic introduction to the concept of point of view in language explores the ways in which point of view intersects with and is shaped by ideology. It specifically focuses on the way in which speakers and writers linguistically encode their beliefs, interests and biases in a wide range of ...

Variety in Written English Texts in Society/Societies in Text

Variety in Written English: Texts in Society/Societies in Text

1st Edition

By Tony Bex
October 02, 1996

Combining insight from a variety of linguistic perspectives including Hallidayan functional linguistics and relevance theory, Tony Bex demonstrates how written texts operate within society to convey meaning. This book:- * looks at a wide variety of written genres - advertisments, letters, poetry ...

Exploring the Language of Drama From Text to Context

Exploring the Language of Drama: From Text to Context

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Culpeper, Mick Short, Peter Verdonk
June 26, 1998

Exploring the Language of Drama introduces students to the stylistic analysis of drama. Written in an engaging and accessible style, the contributors use techniques of language analysis, particularly from discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics and pragmatics, to explore the language of plays. ...

Narrative A Critical Linguistic Introduction

Narrative: A Critical Linguistic Introduction

2nd Edition

By Michael J Toolan
August 24, 2001

Narrative explores a range of written, spoken, literary and non-literary narratives. It shows what systematic attention to language can reveal about the narratives themselves, their tellers, and those to whom they are addressed. Topics examined include plot structure, time manipulations, point of...

Patterns in Language Stylistics for Students of Language and Literature

Patterns in Language: Stylistics for Students of Language and Literature

1st Edition

By Joanna Thornborrow, Shân Wareing
March 26, 1998

Patterns in Language addresses the real needs of students in modular systems who may not have a background either in traditional literature or in linguistic theory.This student-friendly textbook uses the principles of linguistic analysis to investigate the aesthetic use of language in literary (and...

Language Through Literature An Introduction

Language Through Literature: An Introduction

1st Edition

By Paul Simpson
December 24, 1996

Paul Simpson provides a definitive introduction to the English language through the medium of English Literature. Through the use of illustrations from poetry, prose and drama, this book offers a lively and accessible guide to important concepts and techniques in English language study.Each chapter...

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