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1st Edition

Interfacial Catalysis

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ISBN 9780824708399
Published December 12, 2002 by CRC Press
688 Pages

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Book Description

A comprehensive volume on interfacial catalysis, this book includes contributions from an international group of specialists in chemistry, environmental science, informatics, physiology, nuclear energy, and physics. The editor has organized the material into the main topics of fundamental characteristics, phase transfer catalysis, reversed micelles, biological aspects, and interfacial photocatalysis. Individual topics include self-organized microheterogeneous structures, nanochemistry, interfacial catalysis in metal complexation, the role of water molecules in ion transfer at the oil/water interface, and ultrathin films in enhanced oil recovery.

Table of Contents

Interfacial Catalysis at Oil/Water Interfaces, A.G. Volkov
Electrochemistry of Chemical Reactions at Polarized Liquid-Liquid Interfaces, T. Kakiuchi
Interfacial Catalysis in Metal Complexation, H. Watarai
The Role of Water Molecules in Ion Transfer at the Oil/Water Interface, T. Osakai
Interfacial Potential and Distribution Equilibria Between Two Immiscible Electrolyte Solutions, L.Q. Hung
Use of Cyclodextrins or Porous Inorganic Supports to Improve Organic/Aqueous Interfacial Transfers, M. Urrutigoïty and P. Kalck
Ultrathin Films: Their Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery and in Interfacial Catalysis, L. Zhang, S. Zhao, J.-Y. Yu, A.L. Ottová, and H.T. Tien

Phase Transfer Catalysis, M. Makosza and M. Fedorynski
Liquid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalysis: Basic Principles and Synthetic Applications, D. Albanese
Phase Transfer Catalysis: Fundamentals and Selected Systems, J.-J. Jwo
Interfacial Mechanism and Kinetics of Phase-Transfer Catalysis, H.-M. Yang and H.-S. Wu

Enzymes in Reverse Micelles (Microemulsions): Theory and Practice, A.V. Levashov and N.L. Klyachko
Micellar Catalysis, V.C. Reinsborough
Multiple Effects of Water Pools and Their Interfaces Formed by Reversed Micelles on Enzymic Reactions and Photochemistry, A. Goto, Y. Ibuki, and R. Goto

Supported Planar BLMs (Lipid Bilayers): Formation, Methods of Study, and Applications, A.L. Ottová and H.T. Tien
Bioelectrocatalysis, K. Kano and T. Ikeda
Energetics and Gating of Narrow Ionic Channels: The Influence of Channel Architecture and Lipid-Channel Interactions, P.C. Jordan, G.V. Miloshevsky, and M.B. Partenskii
Biocatalysis: Electrochemical Mechanisms of Respiration and Photosynthesis, A.G. Volkov
New Types of Membrane Reactions Mimicking Biological Processes, S. Kihara
Ion-Transport Processes Through Membranes of Various Types: Liquid Membrane, Thin Supported Liquid Membrane, and Bilayer Lipid Membrane, O. Shirai and S. Kihara

Development of Structurally Organized Photocatalytic Systems for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution on the Basis of Lipid Vesicles with Semiconductor Nanoparticles Fixed on Lipid Membranes, O.V. Vassiltsova and V.N. Parmon
Catalysis and Photocatalysis at Polarized Molecular Interfaces: An ElectroChemical Approach To Catalytic Processes Based on Two-Phase Systems, Self-Organized Microheterogeneous Structures, and Unsupported Nanoparticles, R. Lahtinen, H. Jensen, and D.J. Fermín
Photosensitizers at Interfaces of Model Membranes, S.A. Gerhardt and J.Z. Zhang

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