1st Edition

Intergenerational Mobilities Relationality, age and lifecourse

Edited By Lesley Murray, Susan Robertson Copyright 2017
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Drawing from work on mobilities and geographies of the lifecourse, this collection is concerned with the ways in which age, as a relational concept, is constructed and played out in mobile urban space. With studies of ageing and mobility often focusing on discrete age groups, most notably children and older people, this study seeks to fill a gap in existing literature by exploring mobility in relation to the lifecourse and generation, looking not only at the margins. Whilst some generations are increasingly mobile, others are less so and this disparity in mobility opportunity is relational as age is relational. This book addresses gaps in knowledge in relational geographies of ageing, whilst contributing to literature on mobility and transport, in particular the burgeoning field of mobility (in)justice. Here mobility is considered in its broadest sense, for example in relation to the movement or lack of movement of bodies and to computer-mediated intergenerational communications. Through focusing on urban mobile spaces, from very local spaces of medical care to global spaces of migration that are the context for intergenerational mobilities, this collection explores these interdependencies and considers ways in which intergenerational mobilities are conceptualised and researched.

    1. Introduction: conceptualising intergenerational mobilities

    Lesley Murray

    2. Journey to the ‘undiscovered country’ – considering the geographies, mobilities, and rhythms of growing up, growing old, and moving on

    Elaine Stratford

    3. Moving between generations? The role of familial inter-generational relations in older people’s mobility

    Rose Gilroy, Katia Attuyer, Mark Bevan, Karen Croucher, Rebecca Tunstall

    4. Breaking intergenerational transmissions of poverty and spaces for rehabilitation from the perspectives of street-connected girls in Nairobi

    Vicky Johnson

    5. Tales of the Map of My Mobile Life: Intergenerational Computer-Mediated Communication between Older People and Fieldworkers in their Early Adulthood

    Sergio Sayago, Valeria Righi, Susan M. Ferreira, Andrea Rosales and Josep Blat

    6. Digital Inclusion and Public Space: The Effect of Mobile Phones on Intergenerational Awareness and Connection

    Dave Harley

    7. Talking about my Generation: Emigration and ‘Sense of Generation’ among Highly Skilled Young Italians in Paris.

    Hadrien Dubucs, Thomas Pfirsch, Camille Schmoll

    8. Sharing mobile space across the lifecourse

    Lesley Murray and Susan Robertson

    9. Residential relocation between contrasting mobility cultures as key events during the lifecourse

    Thomas Klinger

    10. Young people’s representations and experiences of mobile urban spaces: the case of Lawrence Weston in Bristol 

    Miriam Ricci

    11. Reliance Mobilities

    Christian E. Fisker

    12. The global urban space: Older age and Filipinos as global workers

    Karel Kalaw

    13. Conclusion

    Susan Robertson


    Lesley Murray is Principal Lecturer in Social Science in the School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton, UK.

    Susan Robertson is Senior Lecturer in the School of Art, Design and Media at the University of Brighton, UK.