1st Edition

Intergroup Conflicts and Their Resolution
A Social Psychological Perspective

ISBN 9781841697833
Published December 8, 2010 by Psychology Press
384 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book provides a framework that sheds an illuminating light into the psyche of people involved in macro-level destructive intergroup conflicts, involving societies and ethnic groups, that take place continuously in various parts of the globe. It focuses on the socio-psychological repertoire that evolves in these societies or groups and which plays a determinative role in its dynamics.

Specifically, this repertoire influences the nature of social reality about the conflict that society members construct, the involvement with and mobilization of society members for the conflict, the sense of solidarity and unity they experience, the conformity expected from society members, the pressure exerted on leaders, and the direction of action taken by the leadership.

In addition, the book describes the changes in the socio-psychological repertoire that are necessary to ignite the peace process. Finally, it elaborates on the nature and the processes of peace building, including conflict resolution and reconciliation.

The proposed conception assumes that although each conflict has its unique context and characteristics, the socio-psychological foundations and dynamics are similar. It offers a holistic and comprehensive outlook on the dynamics that characterize each stage and aspect of intractable conflicts. Each chapter systematically elucidates a particular part of the cycle, describing the theoretical frameworks and concepts, as well as presenting empirical data that was accumulated.

The volume is an important contribution for all those who study intergroup conflicts and want to understand their dynamics. In addition, the book will interest the many people attempting to settle conflicts peacefully and who need knowledge about the socio-psychological vectors that influence their course and resolution.

Table of Contents

D. Bar-Tal, Introduction: Conflicts and Social Psychology. D.K. Coutant, S. Worchel, M. Hanza, Pigs, Slingshots, and Other Foundations of Intergroup Conflict. R.J. Fisher, H. Kelman, Perceptions in Conflicts. E. Halperin, K. Sharvit, J.J. Gross, Emotion and Emotion Regulation in Intergroup Conflict: An Appraisal Based Framework. D.R. Paez, J.H. Liu, Collective Memory of Conflicts. M.B. Brewer, Identity and Conflict. M. Krochik, J.T. Jost, Ideological Conflict and Polarization: A Social Psychological Perspective. G. Elcheroth, D. Spini, Political Violence, Intergroup Conflict, and Ethnic Categories. A. Kruglanski, K. Sharvit, S. Fishman, Workings of the Terrorist Mind: Its Individual, Group and Organizational Psychologies. D. Bar-Tal, E. Halperin, Socio-Psychological Barriers to Conflict Resolution. J. Reykowski, A. Cisłak, Socio-Psychological Approaches to Conflict Resolution, D.G. Pruitt, Negotiation and Mediation in Intergroup Conflict. N.N. Rouhana, Social Psychology and Reconciliation: Contributions and Pitfalls. K. Boehnke, H. Schmidtke, M. Shani, Peace Making: Socio-Psychological Approaches. D. Bar-Tal, Conclusion –To Open the Closet.

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"This excellent volume comes at the right time for all those who study intergroup conflicts and want to understand their dynamics, and it provides a strong foundation for future research in this important area."

John C. Turner, Emeritus Professor, Department of Psychology, Australian National University