2nd Edition

Intermediate Chinese A Grammar and Workbook

By Po-Ching Yip, Don Rimmington Copyright 2009
    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    392 Pages
    by Routledge

    Intermediate Chinese is the ideal reference and practice book for students with some knowledge of the language. Each of the 25 units deals with a particular grammatical point and provides associated exercises. Features include:

    • clear, accessible format
    • many useful language examples
    • jargon-free grammar explanations
    • sample drills and exercises with full answer key.

    All Chinese entries are presented in both pinyin romanisation and Chinese characters, and are accompanied, in most cases, by English translations to facilitate self-tuition in both the spoken and the written language. This new edition also includes a glossary of vocabulary and aglossary of grammatical terms.

    Intermediate Chinese reviews the principal elements presented in its sister volume, Basic Chinese, and introduces more complicated structures. The two books form a compendium of the essentials of Chinese grammar.

    Introduction 1 The ba structure 2 The bèi structure 3 Serial constructions 4 Causative constructions 5 Dative constructions with direct and indirect objects 6 Existence sentences 7 Subject-predicate and topic-comment sentences 8 Sentence particle le 9 Abbreviated sentences 10 Rhetorical questions 9511 Conjunctions and conjunctives linking clauses in compound sentences (1) 12 Conjunctions and conjunctives linking clauses in compound sentences (2) 13 Conjunctions linking words or phrases (summary) 14 Attributives (summary) 15 Adverbials (summary) 16 de, de, de (summary) 17 ‘Every’, ‘each’ – mfi, gè; ‘All’ –yiqiè, supypu and indefinite pronouns 18 Comparisons with bj and méiypu (summary) 19 Various uses of ypu (summary) 20 Idiomatic uses of shì (summary) 21 The aspect marker le (summary) 22 The aspect markers D zhe, (zhèng)zài and guo (summary) 23 The idiomatic uses of D lái zhe, bei, ma, bà le, me and ba, 24 The idiomatic uses of one, 25 Onomatopoeia and interjection, Vocabulary Lists: English to Chinese, Chinese to English


    Yip Po-Ching was formerly Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Leeds and Don Rimmington is Emeritus Professor of East Asian Studies and former head of the East Asian Studies Department at the University of Leeds.