1st Edition

Intermediate-Energy Nuclear Physics

By A.S. Iljinov Copyright 1994
    383 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Intermediate-Energy Nuclear Physics is devoted to discussing the interaction between hadrons with nuclei, which leads to the emission of particles during an intranuclear cascade and subsequent decay of a highly excited residual nucleus. Experimental data and the methods and results of the calculation of probabilities of various processes initiated by intermediate-energy hadrons in nuclei are set forth and discussed. The potential for obtaining information on the structure and properties of nuclei by comparing experimental data with theoretical results is analyzed. New issues, such as analytic methods for the solution of kinetic equations describing the cascade, nuclear absorption of hadrons from bound states of hadronic atoms, interaction of antinucleons with nuclei, multifragmentation of highly excited residual nuclei, and polarization phenomena, are discussed in detail.
    The book also demonstrates hadron-nucleus interactions that bridge the gap between low-energy and heavy ions physics. It is an interesting reference for nuclear physicists and other researchers interested in the analysis of problems associated with the evolution of the early (hot) universe, neutron stars and supernovas, after-burning of radioactive waste in nuclear energy installations, and electronuclear energy breeding.

    1. Intranuclear Cascade Model 2. Methods for Solution of the System of Kinetic Equations of the Intranuclear Cascade Model 3. Decay and Prosperities of Highly Excited Nuclei 4. Analysis of the Interaction of nucleons and Lightest Nuclei with Nuclei on the Basis of the Inc-Model 5. Inelastic Pion-Nucleus Interaction 6. Annihilation of Antinucleons on Nuclei 7. Fissions and Multifragmentation of Nuclei By Intermediate-Energy Particles