2nd Edition

Intermediate Persian A Grammar and Workbook

By Saeed Yousef, Hayedeh Torabi Copyright 2021
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    Intermediate Persian: A Grammar and Workbook comprises accessible grammar exercises in a single volume. Each of the 14 units deals with a particular grammatical point and provides associated exercises to help learners reinforce and consolidate their knowledge. In addition, it features four appendices, covering colloquial, polite, literary and journalistic styles. Intermediate Persian reviews the principles presented in Basic Persian and introduces more-advanced features and structures of the language. User-friendly and engaging, Intermediate Persian is suitable for both class use and independent study. This edition is completely revised with additional features, such as a review chapter and translations of all the examples.


    Authors’ preface to second edition


    Unit 0:

    A quick review of Basic Persian

    Unit 1:

    Indirect speech

    Unit 2:

    ‘Self’: emphatic, reflexive and possessive

    usages of khod

    Objective pronouns

    Unit 3:

    Definite and indefinite, singular and plural:

    review and expansion

    Vocative case

    Unit 4:

    Persian equivalents of English modal verbs

    More on subjunctive

    Unit 5:

    More on conditionals

    If, unless; otherwise, as if

    Unit 6:

    Causative form

    Optative mood

    Past participle as verb

    Deleting a similar verb

    Regulars on the march

    Unit 7:

    Impersonal forms

    Unit 8:

    Position of verbs in the sentence

    Verbs of state

    Putting on and taking off clothes

    To want, to be able to, to know

    Unit 9:

    More on compound verbs

    Ways to avoid passive

    Unit 10:

    Nouns, adjectives from verbs

    Some prefixes and suffixes

    Unit 11:

    Exclamative form

    More on adjectives/adverbs,

    comparison of adjectives,


    Unit 12:

    Correlative conjunctions

    More on subordinate clauses

    A review of

    Unit 13:

    How to use digar, hanuz, ham,


    Unit 14:

    Remember/forget, arrange, change,

    difference, meaning/‘to mean’

    Appendix I:

    Language of politeness and courtesy

    Appendix II:

    Colloquial Persian/ Tehrāni

    Appendix III:

    Literary, poetical, archaic

    Appendix IV:

    Good, bad and ugly Persian

    Common mistakes

    Key to Exercises.


    (includes all Persian simple verbs).



    Saeed Yousef was a senior lecturer of Persian at the University of Chicago, USA, until 2020. He is also a poet and has published books of literary criticism and translations.

    Hayedeh Torabi was a lecturer of Persian at the University of Chicago, USA. She is a published writer, essayist and translator.

    "As with English, there’s a lot more to Persian than meets the eye, or ear. It needs an all-round practitioner to teach the subtleties of this apparently easy but eloquently idiomatic and multidimensional tongue. Saeed Yousef fits the bill: an experienced teacher, a connoisseur of his own and several other languages, and a poet. His book is an essential vade mecum for all who have decided to make Persian their own."

     John Perry, Professor of Persian (Emeritus), The University of Chicago, USA