3rd Edition

Intermediate Quantum Mechanics
Third Edition

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ISBN 9780201328318
Published January 1, 1997 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

Graduate students in both theoretical and experimental physics will find this third edition of Intermediate Quantum Mechanics, refined and updated in 1986, indispensable. The first part of the book deals with the theory of atomic structure, while the second and third parts deal with the relativistic wave equations and introduction to field theory, making Intermediate Quantum Mechanics more complete than any other single-volume work on the subject.

Table of Contents

Theory Of Atomic Structure * Miscellaneous Results From Elementary Quantum Mechanics * Identical Particles and Symmetry * Two-Electron Atoms * Self-Consistent Field * Statistical Models * Addition of Angular Momenta * Theory of Multiplets, Electrostatic Interaction * Theory of Multiplets, Spin-Orbit Interaction, and Interactions with External Fields * Molecules Semiclassical Radiation Theory * Semiclassical Theory of Radiation * Intensity of Radiation, Selection Rules * Photoelectric Effect Atomic Collisions * Elastic Scattering at High Energies * Elastic Scattering at Low Energies * Further Corrections to Elastic Scattering Formulas * Elastic Scattering of Spin 1/2 Particles * Inelastic Scattering at High Energies * Inelastic Scattering at Low Energies * Semiclassical Treatment of Inelastic Scattering * Classical Limit of Quantum Mechanical Scattering; Summary Relativistic Equations * Klein-Gordon Equation * Dirac Equation, Formal Theory * Solutions of the Dirac Equation

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