2nd Edition

Intermediate Welsh A Grammar and Workbook

By Gareth King Copyright 2018
    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    Intermediate Welsh: A Grammar and Workbook is designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and wish to proceed to more complex language. It presents a broad range of grammatical topics, illustrated by examples, which serve as models for the varied exercises that follow. The emphasis throughout is on colloquial spoken Welsh used by modern-day native speakers. Features include:

    • a clear, accessible format;
    • many useful language examples;
    • jargon-free grammar explanations;
    • sample drills and exercises;
    • a full key to the exercises.

    This new edition has been redesigned for greater clarity and further examples have been updated.

    Introduction  1 Inflected future: regulars  2 Inflected future: irregulars  3 Galla i°/medra i° ‘I can’, etc.  4 Byth and erioed ‘never/ever’  5 Comparison of adjectives I: comparison  6 Comparison of adjectives II: superlative; equative  7 Comparison of adjectives III: irregulars  8 ‘Time’; ordinal numerals  9 Aspect distinctions with VNs: newydd°, ar° and heb° with VNs  10 Alternative preterite formations  11 Subordinate clauses I  12 Subordinate clauses II  13 Subordinate clauses III  14 Relative clauses I  15 Relative clauses II  16 Conditional of bod; conditional of other verbs  17 Conditional sentences I: open conditions  18 Conditional sentences II: closed conditions  19 Other unreality verbs: gallwn i°/medrwn i°, dylwn i°, leiciwn i°/hoffwn i°  20 Unreality verbs with wedi: ‘should have…’, ‘could have…’, ‘might have…’, etc. 21 Colloquial passive construction with cael  22 Stative passives with wedi and heb°  23 Formal/media (or short) passive in -ir and -wyd  24 More conjugated prepositions  25 Compound prepositions  26 Miscellaneous pronouns I  27 Miscellaneous pronouns II  28 Gwybod ‘know’; sa i, so ti, etc. (neg)  29 Summary of SM  30 Conjunctions I  31 Conjunctions II  32 Focus I: principles  33 Focus II: VNs, bod  34 Focus III: mai and taw  35 Summary of sy  36 Mutation of verb-forms in more formal styles  37 Literary Welsh verbs I: the tense system of Literary Welsh  38 Literary Welsh verbs II: forms of bod  39 Literary Welsh verbs III: irregulars; subjunctive forms  40 Literary Welsh verbs IV: autonomous/impersonal forms  Key to exercises  Glossary of technical terms  Vocabularies: Welsh–English; English–Welsh


    Gareth King was UCAS Co-ordinator, Oxbridge Applications Co-ordinator and Latin Co-ordinator for a large sixth-form college. He is also the series editor for the Colloquials, and the author of numerous books for learners of Welsh, including Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar, The Routledge Intermediate Welsh Reader and Basic Welsh, the companion volume to this one.