1st Edition

Internal Family Systems Therapy Supervision and Consultation

Edited By Emma E. Redfern Copyright 2023
    282 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    282 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Internal Family Systems Therapy: Supervision and Consultation showcases the skills of Richard C. Schwartz and other leading IFS consultants and supervisors. Using unique case material, models, and diagrams, each contributor illustrates IFS techniques that assist clinicians in unblending and accessing Self-energy and Self-leadership. The book features examples of clinical work with issues such as bias, faith, sexuality, and sexual hurts. Individual chapters focus on therapist groups, such as Black Therapists Rock, and on work with specific populations, including children and their caregivers, veterans, eating disordered clients, therapists with serious illnesses, and couples. This thought-provoking book offers an opportunity for readers to reflect on their own supervision and consultation (both the giving and receiving of it). It explores what is possible and preferable at different stages of development when using the IFS model.



    1 An Interview with Richard C. Schwartz


    2 A Model of IFS-Informed Supervision and Consultation: Unblending from Struggle into Self-Led Clarity


    3 Facilitating Flow: Developing a Framework for Integrating IFS and Supervision in Private Practice in the UK


    4 Parts Detecting Across Multiple Systems: The Application of IFS in Consultation to Therapists of Children and Adolescents


    5 Consultation for the IFIO Therapist


    6 Creating Access to IFS Training and Consultation for BIPOC Therapists: Black Therapists Rock Leads the Way


    7 Trusting Self to Heal: Removing Constraints to Therapists’ Self-Energy Transforms Their Treatment of Eating Disordered Clients


    8 Making the Unconscious Conscious in IFS Consultation of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Offending, and Sexual Compulsivity Cases


    9 Bias: How IFS Consultation Can Increase Awareness and Reduce Harm


    10 Keeping the Faith with IFS: Religious and Spiritual Parts of an Internal System


    11 Serving Those Who Served: Providing IFS-Informed Supervision and Consultation to Clinicians Treating Military Veterans


    12 Consultation with Therapists Who Have a Serious Illness


    13 IFS Consultation: Fostering the Self-Led Therapist


    14 In Search of Self 209



    Appendix: Methods of Unblending



    Emma E. Redfern is a certified IFS therapist and approved IFS clinical consultant. She specializes in supervising those who are transitioning to becoming IFS therapists and offers workshops on IFS supervision.

    "An admirable achievement. This is an innovative book of many parts with a rich diversity of voices, each one skillfully articulating how IFS can work its wonders in consultation and supervision. Open-hearted collaboration is key to the practice of IFS, and the authors are often vividly transparent in their writing, bringing the multi-faceted consultative work alive on the page. I believe all supervisors and consultants, whether IFS-trained or not, will benefit from a study of this pioneering text."

    Jim Holloway, independent counsellor and supervisor (BACP senior accredited)

    "Through a wealth of wide-ranging case studies, the book’s contributors demonstrate how bringing unconscious processes into awareness can bring clarity and resolve impasses. Particularly striking is the supervisory stance of respectful curiosity and use of their own internal system as a guide to the work. Although aimed at IFS practitioners, there is much in this very readable book that will speak to practitioners from other approaches."

    Els van Ooijen, author of Clinical Supervision Made Easy

    "Internal Family Systems Therapy is a truly important contribution to the IFS literature as well as to the entire supervisory endeavor. The breadth and scope of the chapters is matched by the depth of the material presented. The open-hearted and non-shaming approach of IFS supervision will help any clinician provide a safe and enlightening experience for their supervisees."

    Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC, author of Internal Family Systems Therapy with Children

    "For those committed to getting the model inside, this is a crucial addition to the IFS library. Internal Family Systems Therapy has many chapters in which authors model tracking their own parts and discerning what information from parts to share in the consultation process. This modeling helps consultees do the same, bringing authentic communication skillfully into the consultation room and then into the delivery to clients in therapy, education, and coaching. Chapters on implicit bias, training, and consultation to non-dominant groups give needed depth to the reader’s use of the model. Each author gives clear digestible steps toward enhanced practice."

    Rina Dubin, IFS lead trainer

    "Internal Family Systems Therapy is a primer to effective supervision using the IFS model. It’s also a guide to looking at therapeutic stuckness through the lens of the client’s parts, the clinician’s parts, the relational dynamics, as well as the supervisor’s parts. Case examples of supervision with particular populations, including those with eating disorders, BIPOC, veterans, and more make this usable, applicable, and understandable. This book is a must read for clinicians who want to do supervision in the IFS model."

    Marla Silverman, PhD, certified IFS therapist, psychologist, and faculty at The Gestalt Center

    "A fascinating read, even for readers (like myself) who find themselves curious about IFS and with great respect for IFS-trained colleagues, but who haven’t undertaken a formal IFS training. This is a timely and refreshing read and a valuable collection of not just the theory but the application of theory in practice. It offers rich glimpses and a multitude of voices exploring many facets of IFS supervision and consultation from racism and serious illness, to working with military veterans, and an opening interview with IFS founder Richard C. Schwartz. Much respect to all the contributors for a rich and engaging read."

    Emma Palmer, counsellor, body psychotherapist, supervisor, author, www.kamalamani.co.uk

    "Full of technical guidance about IFS consultation and supervision, this practical volume is highly accessible for beginners and experienced IFS therapists alike. Drawing links and distinctions between the provision of IFS therapy and IFS supervision/consultation, the authors subtly but profoundly shift the emphasis from those receiving IFS to those providing it. With an emphasis on humility and Self-energy, the author of each chapter touches on a vital aspect of the IFS model providing the reader with an abundance of real-world examples, principles, and strategies neatly presented in the context of a range of sound theoretical models." 

    Shaun Dempsey, PhD, clinical psychologist in private practice, certified IFS therapist and approved clinical consultant

    "IFS consultants and trainers continually invite students and consultees to explore their internal systems to gain clarity, courage, and, most importantly, access to inner wisdom and Self-energy. Each chapter in Internal Family Systems Therapy offers robust case material and outlines the IFS perspective on countertransference. Even though our goal as IFS therapists and practitioners is Self-leadership, each case comes with its own unique challenges. How we approach issues related to the therapist's parts may change depending on a wide variety of circumstances. Whether new to IFS, already an IFS supervisor or working in other models, this book offers creative ideas and support for therapists as they navigate complexity while supporting clients to heal." 

    Toni Herbine-Blank, IFS senior trainer and coauthor of Internal Family Systems Couple Therapy Skills Manual

    "As the global need for IFS healers continues to grow, so does the need for Self-led, competent, and inclusive IFS consultants and supervisors. Informed by decades of collective experience, this diverse collection offers clinical, theoretical, and personal applications and a depth of wisdom that cannot be understated. This invaluable resource helps IFS consultants clarify and develop their supervisory framework while respectfully challenging personal biases and assumptions. This book will strengthen and expand the next generation of Self-led IFS healers and deserves to be required reading for all IFS consultants and supervisors. I am delighted to recommend and welcome this important contribution to our IFS family."

    Laura Schmidt, LMFT, certified IFS therapist and consultant for certification, AAMFT-approved supervisor