1st Edition

Internalizing and Externalizing Expressions of Dysfunction Volume 2

Edited By Dante Cicchetti, Sheree L. Toth Copyright 1991
    320 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    320 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The contributors to this volume apply a developmental focus to their examination of one of the most widely agreed upon classifications of behavior disorders in child psychopathology -- internalizing and externalizing expressions of dysfunction. The research reported spans a wide range from infancy through young adulthood and from normalcy through severe psychopathology. These current investigations demonstrate that the implications of utilizing the developmental approach for the evolution of theory, research, and intervention are vast.

    Contents:D. Cicchetti, S.L. Toth, A Developmental Perspective on Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders. M.T. Greenberg, C.A. Kusche, M. Speltz, Emotional Regulation, Self-Control, and Psychopathology: The Role of Relationships in Early Childhood. S.B. Campbell, Longitudinal Studies of Active and Aggressive Preschoolers: Individual Differences in Early Behavior and in Outcome. K.H. Rubin, S. Hymel, R.S.L. Mills, L. Rose-Krasnor, Conceptualizing Different Developmental Pathways To and From Social Isolation in Childhood. R.J. Davidson, Cerebral Asymmetry and Affective Disorders: A Developmental Perspective. R. Plomin, R. Rende, M. Rutter, Quantitative Genetics and Developmental Psychopathology. C.Z. Malatesta-Magai, Emotional Socialization: Its Role in Personality and Developmental Psychopathology. J. Garber, N.L. Quiggle, W. Panak, K.A. Dodge, Aggression and Depression in Children: Comorbidity, Specificity, and Social Cognitive Processing. G. Sackett, P. Gould, What Can Primate Models of Human Developmental Psychopathology Model?


    Dante Cicchetti, Sheree L. Toth

    "...editors Cicchetti and Toth and the contributors have succeeded in presenting many of the more exciting and promising current approaches to the study of children's internalizing and externalizing disorders....this is a well-edited volume, and the contributors are, as a group, among the most accomplished and distinguished in their fields. Anyone who wishes to sample the most informative, provocative work in child and developmental psychopathology today should consult this book. The writing is clear.... a first-rate effort in both content and presentation. The editors are to be congratulated in assembling such an impressive group of contributors. I am already looking forward to reading Volume 3 of a very useful series."
    Contemporary Psychology

    "...offers a wide range of perspectives on the etiology and phenomenology of both kinds of dysfunction, from the genetic and neurological to the familial and even cultural. Thus it sheds much needed light on what appears to be a universal in child diagnostics....The editors did an excellent job in surveying diverse aspects of this very important topic ....this book sets a high standard for all subsequent volumes in the series....it is broad in scope and makes an important contribution to the understanding of this pervasive finding in the child psychopathology literature."
    Merrill-Palmer Quarterly

    "...an outstanding example of the integration of an impressive array of theoretical perspectives, empirical approaches, and practical application efforts."
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