2nd Edition

International Aviation Law A Practical Guide

By Ron Bartsch Copyright 2018
    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    424 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    International Aviation Law: A Practical Guide explains the international context and application of the law as it applies to commercial and recreational aviation, and to the broader aviation environment. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of aviation law, from criminal law to contract law, to the legal duties and responsibility of aircrew and other aviation personnel including airport operators, air traffic controllers and aircraft engineers. Each area of the law is clearly explained in accessible language and supported with practical case studies to illustrate the application of the law within an operational aviation context. It also provides advice on how to avoid or minimize legal liability for those working in the aviation industry.

    Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this second edition adds new material on subjects such as unmanned aircraft systems, ASEAN’s Single Aviation Market, common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers, and a discussion on the impact of Brexit to the UK’s aviation market and legal status.

    1 Introduction to International Aviation Law 2 Sources of Aviation Law 3 The Law and Legal Systems 4 The Regulation of Aviation 5 Contract Law 6 Tort Law 7 Employment and Industrial Law 8 Criminal Law 9 Commercial Law and Competition Law  10 International Carriage by Air 11 Airline Operations 12 Maintenance Organisations 13 Aviation Security 14 Airport Operations 15 Air Traffic Management 16 Safety Management and Accident Investigation 17 Aviation and the Environment 18 The Integration of Unmanned Aircraft


    Professor Ron Bartsch is a world-renowned aviation lawyer, academic, airline executive and company director. Ron regularly presents at international forums on aviation law and more recently in the field of unmanned aircraft. Ron was admitted as a barrister to the High Court of Australia in 1993 and served as a presiding member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal as an aviation specialist from 2013 to 2017. Ron was appointed as inaugural Professor of International Aviation Law at the Aero-X School of Aviation in New Delhi and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University and the University of NSW, Australia.

    'Aviation law is not just a subject for lawyers. The nuances of aviation law affect the day-to-day life of operational aviation professionals. Criminalization can make or break a company’s safety culture. The Convention for Mobile Equipment can make it possible for a country to operate the latest aircraft, or force it to live with surplus wrecks. Few people really understand how these pieces fit together. This book does it well, and is important for anyone who is trying to understand how international aviation works.' - William R. Voss, President and CEO, Flight Safety Foundation, Washington DC, USA

    'Aviation has an intrinsically international context and so does the law governing it. Indeed, the cornerstone of aviation regulation is founded in international conventions, particularly the Chicago convention. In this text the author astutely identifies and explains the specialised nature of aviation law and how that law applies in different legal systems throughout the world, with an emphasis on commonality in the law. This text is an essential tool not just for lawyers, but for all who work in the aviation industry.' - John Dawson, President, Aviation Law Association of Australia and New Zealand

    'No other field of human endeavour is so directly and intrinsically dependent upon the international context than is the case with aviation. This book explains, in a digestible yet articulate style, the basis and structure of the law as it applies to the modern world of aviation. From a personal perspective International Aviation Law provided me with a far greater appreciation of the extent to which the law and regulations impinges upon virtually every facet of the industry. More importantly, a good understanding of aviation law could help avert a major disaster for the Company. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has any involvement in the aviation industry.' - Lim Kim Hai, Executive Chairman, Regional Express