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International Business Case Studies For the Multicultural Marketplace

    ISBN 9780884151937
    434 Pages
    Published May 13, 1994 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138149441
    434 Pages
    Published September 1, 2016 by Routledge

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    This comprehensive guide presents specific, real-life examples of the strategies and tactics used by some of the world's most successful international businesses and organizations to excel in the global marketplace.

    Divided into six major sections, this important book features more than 30 case studies that span critical issues of international business--globalization; negotiation; marketing; product/service quality; joint ventures and strategic alliances; and culturally diverse workforces. Each case study focuses on a particular company, region, or management style to clearly illustrate proven techniques for capitalizing on the cultural diversity of people, products, and markets.

    With contributions from more than two dozen business executives and professors, spanning the globe from Japan, to Germany, China to Mexico, this casebook provides a broad spectrum of current and future approaches to acheiving international and cross-cultural business success.

    Preface; Foreword; Part One: Global Strategic Alliances; 1. The New China Hotel in Beijing; 2. Tentative Withdrawal from a Joint Venture: Shalimar Laboratories, Ltd. 3. Confronting Globalization: Atencio Plasticos' Search for a Strategic Alliance; 4. The Potato Business 5. Nissan United Kingdom, Ltd. 6. Strategic Alliance in India: Sage Publications 7. Westel: Start of of a Joint Venture 8. Westel: Overcoming Financial Problems 9. International Gateway Company, Ltd. 10. Beijing Jeep Corporation: American Motor's Experience in China 11. Orient-US Leasing Corporation: A Japanese-American Joint Venture in Financial Services 12. Kuwaiti/Chinese Business Partnership Part Two: Globalization; 13. International Espionage at IBM: Hitachi, Ltd. 14. Motorola Analog Division: Development of a Shared Global Vision 15. Opening a Closed City: Challenges tat the New Frontier Part Three: International Business Negotiations; 16. Confrontation or Collaboration: Two Strong Executives 17. AT&T: Technically Brilliant But Interculturally Average 18. Litigation Isn't the Japanese Way: Nippon, Inc. and Raleigh, Ltd. Part Four: International Marketing;19. Testing Solar Stoves in Mexico: Alten Technologies, Inc. 20. The Alpace Industry of Peru 21. Motorola's Attempts to Increase Market Share and Profits in Japan 22. Client Development in Japan: Ecolab, Inc. 23. Anheuser-Busch: Developing a Global Brand in Germany 24. Anheuser-Busch: Developing a Global Brand in Great Britain Part Five: International Management; 25. Cross-Cultural Collaboration at EUROSYS 26. Between a Rock and A Hard Place: A Question of Ethics 27. SSA Mexicana: A Korean Prescription for Success in Mexico 28. Motorola, Inc. CPSTG: Performance Management as a Process for Change 29. Merck and Company, Inc. Having the Vision to Succeed 30. Selling Development to Somalia: The Food Monetization Program Part Six: Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce; 31. Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce in a South African Gold Mine 32. Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce in Indonesia 33. Banking on Diversity: Familiarity Breeds Contempt at Security First Bank 34. The Maquiladora Industry and Mexican Unions: The New National Political Strategy Part Seven: International Service Excellence; A Quality Implementation Case: Kaizen at Firestone New Zealand; Service Excellence in the Travel Industry: Singapore Airlines; About the Contributors; Index


    Robert T. Moran, David O. Braaten, John E. Walsh

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