1st Edition

International Business

Edited By Peter Buckley Copyright 2003

    This book was published in 2003.Over the years the challenges of international business in organisation and culture have been one of the most intriguing issues facing managers. Attempts at organisational innovation have tried to strike a balance between local markets' responsiveness and global efficiency. This book presents an overview of changing attitudes to the globalization of the firm and traces the increasing sophistication of management techniques necessary to cope with the increasing complexity of business world wide. It contains readings on the management of international business from 1936 to 1998. Looking at managing abroad and the internationalism of firms including issues of appraising foreign investment opportunities, the foreign investment decision process and the evolution of the multinational enterprise. The operations and planning of the multinational firm are surveyed over time from early models of "Headquarters and Subsidiary" to global strategies. The key issues of international strategic alliances and joint ventures are also examined; concluding with approaches to forward looking international management.

    I: Managing Abroad and Internationalization; 1: Policies of Migrating Companies; 2: Appraisal of Business Opportunities Abroad; 3: Foreign Investment and the Growth of the Firm 1; 4: Managerial Techniques adopted by U.S. Firms and their Influence on U.K. Policy and Thought; 5: The Foreign Investment Decision Process; 6: International Investment and International Trade in the Product Cycle; 7: The Tortuous Evolution of the Multinational Corporation; 8: The Internationalization of the Firm — Four Swedish Cases 1; 9: The Internationalization Process of the Firm—A Model of Knowledge Development and Increasing Foreign Market Commitments; 10: Psychic Distance and Buyer-Seller Interaction; II: Operations and Planning of the Multinational Firm; 11: Multinational Marketing: The Headquarters Role; 12: Developing an Organization for Multinational Business; 13: The Motivation For Investment in Offshore Plants: The Case of The U.S. Electronics Industry; 14: A Framework for Strategic Planning in Multinational Corporations; 15: Strategic Management in Multinational Companies; 16: An Approach to Strategic Control in MNCs; 17: Multinational Structural Change: Evolution Versus Reorganization; 18: Do you really have a global strategy?; 19: Managing across Borders: New Strategic Requirements; 20: Managing across Borders: New Organizational Responses; III: International Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures; 21: How to make a global joint venture work; 22: Joint Ventures and Global Strategies; 23: Joint ventures with Japan give away our future; 24: Control, change, and flexibility: the dilemma of transnational collaboration; IV: Forward-Looking Approaches; 25: The Hypermodern MNC—A Heterarchy?; 26: Internationalization as a Strategy Process; 27: The Internationalization of Born Globals: an Evolutionary Process?; 28: Models of the Multinational Enterprise


    Peter Buckley