772 Pages 121 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    772 Pages 121 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This fully revised and updated fourth edition of International Business offers an action- focused, practical approach to the topic, helping students understand the global business environment and its repercussions for executives. The book provides thorough coverage, delving into fundamental concepts and theory; the cultural, political, and economic environment; international business strategies; and even functional management areas.

    More comprehensive than competing books, this new edition of International Business includes:

    • A new chapter on the digitalization of the global economy and its implications for firm strategy and organizations.
    • New examinations of the forces of de- globalization, implications of rising trade protectionism, challenges of geopolitical conflicts, and a friction framework for understanding the effects of cultural differences.
    • Enriched and expanded discussions about potential reconfigurations of global value chains following the COVID- 19 pandemic, changing perspectives on the role of the government with renewed attention to industrial policy, shifts in regional integration with the emergence of such new trade blocks as CPTPP and RCEP, and fresh insights on factors influencing a country’s balance of payments.
    • Strengthened, expanded global cases, examples, and “industry” and “country” mini- cases that give students practical insight into the ways companies actually behave within a competitive, global environment.

    Also featuring a companion website with a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and instructor’s manual, this book is ideal for students and instructors of any international business course at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

    1. International Business in an Age of Globalization  Part I: Concepts and Theories in International Business  2. International Trade Theory and Application  3. Foreign Direct Investment Theory and Application  4. The Multinational Enterprise  Part II: Endowments and Environments of International Business  5. Country Competitiveness  6. The Cultural Environment  7. The Political and Legal Environment  Part III: Global Markets and Institutions  8. International Economic Integration and Institutions  9. The International Monetary System and Financial Markets  Part IV: International Business Strategies  10. International Entry Strategies  11. MNE organization structure and design  12. Building and Managing Global Strategic Alliances (GSAs)  13. Managing Global Research and Development (R&D)  Part V: Functional International Business Areas  14. Financial Management for Global Operations  15. International Accounting for Global Operations  16. Global Marketing and Supply Chain  17. Global Human Resource Management  Part VI: Emerging Issues in International Business  18. Digital Connectivity and Global Strategies  19. Global Sustainability and Social Responsibility  20. International Entrepreneurship


    Oded Shenkar is the Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management and Professor of Management and Human Resources at the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, USA. A Fellow and past Vice President of the Academy of International Business, he has published and consulted extensively.

    Yadong Luo is the Emery Findley Distinguished Chair and Professor of Management at the University of Miami, USA. He is a Fellow of Academy of Management and Academy of International Business. He has written two dozen books and two hundred articles, dealing with global strategy and international management.

    Tailan Chi is the Richard C. Notebaert Distinguished Professor of International Business & Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, USA. He is a Fellow of Academy of International Business and an editor of the Journal of International Business Studies and has published many articles in the leading journals of the field.

    "This book has an evocative blend of the "big picture" of international business in the age of globalization, and all the key and more specific issues in IB today. These seasoned scholars' varied cases are not just great fun, but also provide great coverage, from the traditional IB topics to newer ones. The authors' practical vision is refreshing, eloquently written, and spot on!"

    Mary Ann Von Glinow, Knight Ridder Eminent Scholar Chair in International Management, Florida International University, USA; Former AIB and AOM President

    "Shenkar, Luo and Chi offer excellent, comprehensive coverage of international business in the new global environment. Written by three outstanding researchers, it is practically focused, firmly grounded in cutting edge research, and up-to-date with great student and instructor support." 

    Peter J. Buckley, Professor and Director of Business Confucius Institute, University of Leeds, UK

    "For anyone who is interested in learning about international business, this is an excellent book that covers an amazing amount of information in each chapter. It is a basic book written by three experts in the field of IB. They address topics like foreign direct investment theories, country competitiveness, global marketing, managing global R&D, and international entrepreneurship that are important areas for the future. It is rare to find such explanations in one volume. Professors teaching a course on international business will find it an excellent resource for practical and conceptual material.

    Marjorie A. Lyles, Chancellor’s Professor of Global Strategic Management, Indiana University, USA; Former AIB and SMS President