1st Edition

International Communication: A Reader

Edited By Daya Kishan Thussu Copyright 2010
    616 Pages
    by Routledge

    616 Pages
    by Routledge

    This comprehensive Reader brings together seminal texts in media and communication from both traditional as well as more recent scholarship.

    Readings are drawn from an international range of scholars and organized to reflect the growing internationalization of the field, with clearly defined sections covering key aspects of global communication. In addition to the core academic readings, key policy documents are also included to demonstrate the development of the political, economic and technological infrastructure that underpins the global system of media and communication.

    Part 1: Infrastructure for International Communication  1. Satellites and Global Communication Joseph Pelton  2. The Global Network Society Manuel Castells  3. Impact of WTO on Global Communication Eli Noam  4. Global Media Policy Marc Raboy  Part 2: Theoretical Terrains  5. Media and Modernization Daniel Lerner  6. Communication and Post-Colonialism Raka Shome & Radha Hegde  7. Development Communication Srinivas Melkote  8. Communication and Digital Capitalism Dan Schiller  Part 3: Global Media Systems  9. Media Imperialism Oliver Boyd-Barrett  10. Homogenizing Media Cultures? Daniel Hallin & Poulo Mancini  11. The Global Media System Robert McChesney  12. Contra-flow in Global Media Daya Thussu  13. Anglo-American Media in Decline? Jeremy Tunstall  Part 4: Dominant and Alternative Discourses  14. Cultural Imperialism Herbert Schiller  15. Communication and Cultural Proximity Joseph Straubhaar  16. The Islamic Internet Lina Khatib  17. Alternative Media John Downing  Part 5: Communication and Power  18. Global Communication as Ideology Armand Mattelart  19. Communication as Propaganda Harold Lasswell  20. Soft Power Joseph Nye  21. Media and Sovereignty Monroe Price  Part 6: Cultures of Global Communication  22. Global Media Consumption Elihu Katz & Tamar Leibes  23. Disjunctures of Global Culture Arjun Appadurai  24. Cultures of Diasporic Media Karim H. Karim  25. Decentred Globalization Kochi Iwabuchi  26. Hybridity and Globalization Marwan Kraidy  27. Global Creative Convergence Mark Deuze


    Daya Kishan Thussu is Professor of International Communication at the University of Westminster in London. The founder and Managing Editor of the journal Global Media and Communication, his key publications include Internationalizing Media Studies; News as Entertainment; Media on the Move; International Communication, and Electronic Empires.



    'Instructors and students will find this blend of golden classics and recent work very handy. The inclusion of fugitive historical documents from intergovernmental conferences is particularly helpful.' - Bella Mody, deCastro Chair in Global Media, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

    'As the field of communication studies expands and internationalizes, there is a growing need of global resource material. Daya Thussu has brought such material together in a Reader that will prove invaluable for teaching on the political, economic, cultural and technological dimensions of global communication. Not only a 'must read' but also a 'must use'. Highly recommended!' - Cees J. Hamelink, Professor Emeritus of International Communication, University of Amsterdam

    'In this magisterial collection, Professor Thussu helps ground a discipline and frame a way of thinking about the global, the international, and the extraordinary significance of the changing empire of communications and society.' - Monroe Price, Director of the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, USA

    'To meet increasing needs in class materials, Daya K Thussu's edited volume, International Communication: A Reader, undoubtedly provides a wealth of resources. ... Offering diverse perspectives, Thussu's comprehensive and highly informative edited volume of twenty-seven readings brings together influential works from prominent scholars in mass media, tele-information, political science, sociology, anthropology, and international studies. ... These key readings offer a panorama of international communication, as they have shaped the advancement of scholarship in this discipline. This book is thus able to help instructors and students develop an understanding of significant economic, cultural, social, political, and technological issues regarding the continually growing field of communication in a global context.' - Gang "Kevin" Han, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator

    'Prepared for university courses, this edited volume is certainly among the best introductions and overviews of the subject thanks to the quality of its chosen texts. It is also well organized and highly readable.' - Gang "Kevin" Han, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator