3rd Edition

International Criminal Law

By Ilias Bantekas, Susan Nash Copyright 2007
    640 Pages
    by Routledge-Cavendish

    Providing an introduction to, and detailed examination of substantive, enforcement and procedural aspects of international criminal law, this book’s examination of international and transnational crimes under treaty and customary law has been fully updated and revised.

    Exploring the enforcement of international criminal law through an investigation of the practice of the Security Council-based tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the International Criminal Court and other hybrid tribunals, such as those for Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Lockerbie and truth commissions, the authors look at terrorism, offences against the person, piracy and jurisdiction, and immunities amongst a variety of other topics.

    New to this edition are four additional chapters on:

    • various forms of liability and participation in international crime
    • war crimes
    • crimes against humanity
    • genocide and illegal rendition.

    This is an ideal text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of law or international relations, practitioners and those interested in gaining an insight into international criminal law

    1. Theory of International Criminal Law  2. Principles of Liability and Participation in International Criminal Law  3. Defences in International Criminal Law  4. State Jurisdiction and Immunities  5. War Crimes and Grave Breaches  6: Crimes Against Humanity  7. Genocide  8. Offences Against the Person  9. International Criminal Law of the Sea  10. Terrorism  11. Transnational Offences 1  12. Transnational Offences 2  13. Extradition  14. Abduction  15. Mutual Legal Assistance  16. Mutual Legal Assistance: National Perspectives  17. International Police Cooperation  18: International Criminal Procedure  19. Nuremberg, Tokyo and the Birth of Modern International Criminal Law


    Susan Nash is Professor of Law at the University of Westminster and Head of Department of Postgraduate Legal Studies. She is a barrister and a door tenant at Tooks Chambers. Her research interests include criminal procedure and evidence, human rights and mutual legal assistance. She is the co-author of several books including The Cartel Offence (Hart, 2004) and Essential Human Rights Cases (Jordans, 2002).

    Ilias Bantekas is Professor of International Law and Head of Law at Brunel University. He has published widely in leading international journals. Books authored or edited by him include: International and European Financial Criminal Law (Butterworths, 2006); Principles of Direct and Superior Responsibility in International Humanitarian Law (Manchester UP, 2002).