1st Edition

International Criminology A Critical Introduction

By Rob Watts, Judith Bessant, Richard Hil Copyright 2008
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    International Criminology is an easy-access critical introduction to how conventional criminologists in the international arena think about and research crime. By using examples from the US, UK and Australia, the authors outline key ideas, vocabulary, assumptions and findings of the discipline while opening up a set of critical underlying issues and problems.

    From theoretical traditions to historical perspectives; contemporary criminology to reflexive criminology; this all encompassing text covers it all. This is the most valuable introduction to international criminology available for undergraduates and works as a superb refresher for more experienced students.

    Introduction: Theoretical Traditions and Historical Perspectives  1. What is Crime?: How Criminologists Think about Crime  2. The Origins of Modern Criminology  3. The Consolidation of Modern Criminology  4. Dissenting Criminology: Issues in Contemporary Criminology  5. A Guide to Reading and Thinking about Criminology  6. Explaining Crime: Unemployment and Crime  7. Explaining Crime: Crime and the Family  8. Criminology and the Lure of Crime Prevention  9. Criminal Justice: Victimology and the Victim  10. Criminology and Corporate Crime  11. Criminology and State Crime.  Conclusion: Towards a Reflexive Criminology


    Rob Watts is Professor of Social Policy at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia. He is an award-winning university teacher and the author and co-author of many books including Sociology Australia (2007) with Judith Bessant, and States of Violence (forthcoming).

    Judith Bessant is Professor of Youth Studies and Sociology at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia, and is one of the most published social scientists in Australia. She publishes and teaches in the areas of youth studies, social policy, social history and sociology.

    Richard Hil is Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University, Australia. His main areas of interest are youth justice, child and family welfare, criminology, and peace and conflict studies. Richard is founder and director of the Bellingen Institute and associate director of the Centre for Peace and Social Justice at Southern Cross University.

    'This comprehensive volume is sure to put a new face on criminology; where it's been, where it is now and what to expect in the future. Well-written, well thought out and informative, it is a must-read for anyone in the criminology field.' - J.A. Hitchcock, Cyber Crime Expert and President of Working to Halt Online Abuse

    'Blending historical inquiry with critical analysis, this highly engaging introduction to criminology should be on the reading list of everyone who is interested in crime and how we think about it.' - Dorothy Denning, Professor of Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School, USA