1st Edition

International Environmental Justice A North-South Dimension

By Ruchi Anand Copyright 2004

    This important work satisfies the need for a thorough assessment of environmental justice concerns at the global level. Using three international environmental case studies, the book extends the theory of environmental justice, commonly used in domestic settings, to the international arena of environmental law, policy and politics. Spanning the traditional boundaries between political science, international relations, international law, international political economy and policy studies, this text is intended primarily for scholars of environmental justice, national and international policymakers, businesses, activists and students of international environmental law, public policy and political economy of the third world.

    Contents: Introduction; Climate change; Hazardous wastes; Ozone politics; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


    Ruchi Anand is Professor of International Relations at the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy in Paris, France.

    'A student of mine once provided me with what I think is the key to sorting out the global environmental problems. She said: "When it comes to solving third world environmental problems, we must develop a 'want to' attitude instead of a 'have to' attitude." This book will serve as an important tool for anyone working to shift the world's attitude from "have to" to "want to" by both documenting the massive environmental disparities that exist between the rich North" and the poor "South", and exposing the structural conditions that have allowed such disparities to become thoroughly embedded in our modern economic and political systems. It is this book's contribution to the goal of incorporating justice considerations in international environmental politics that makes it invaluable to those training the next generation of environmental scholars.' Dr Gerald Thomas, Policy Project Director, The John Howard Society of Canada '...a first-class work on a complex and vitally important subject... I can recommend this outstanding book with enthusiasm and without any hesitation. To survive into an increasingly uncertain global future, our leaders will need to consult exceptionally informed blueprints for action; in the area of international environmental politics, Ruchi Anand's comprehensive work could prove altogether indispensable.' Professor Louis Rene Beres, Purdue University, USA 'Dr Anand raises critical questions of peace and justice in the contested North-South divisions of international relations today. She argues persuasively that justice issues are central to achieving cooperation and hence effective policies and practices in international environmental politics. Her work is original, theoretically complex, strongly argued and urgently needed. It offers a wealth of information and guidance for scholars, students, policy-makers and citizens in today's global arena of environmental law and politics.' Professor Berenice A. Carroll, Purdue University, USA '...