2nd Edition

International Environmental Risk Management A Systems Approach

    292 Pages
    by CRC Press

    292 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Based on the first edition with extensive analysis of practical applications of environmental risk management and compliance management systems, this second edition of International Environmental Risk Management reflects updates made in the understanding and application of risk management best practices and makes available a frame of reference and systematic approach to environmental and social governance (ESG). It provides a pathway for readers to implement environmental management strategies that can be integrated with core operations and other risk management efforts, including supporting sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives associated with climate change, the circular economy or supply chain conditions, as well as enterprise risk management; anti-bribery, and other compliance management systems. This book provides in-depth discussions of ways to use global environmental management standards.

    New features in this edition:

    • Combines EMS standards with discussion of specific principles, other authors’ research, and guidelines on management practices.
    • Provides guidelines on how to prepare for, anticipate, and resolve environmental issues.
    • Includes easily understandable information for all readers and is not simply aimed toward individuals who are knowledgeable about this topic.
    • Provides in-depth discussions on using global environmental management standards to manage risk and promote resilience, as well as legal strategies and voluntary initiatives that companies can utilize to minimize risk.
    • Accounts for the substantive revisions in ISO 14001:2015.

    As a growing and rapidly changing field, it is necessary to address new issues, guidelines, and regulations to assist businesses, academia, students, consultants, lawyers, and environmental managers with a pragmatic resolution to environmental risk management issues. This second edition gives a broad and detailed analysis of the changes made to international standards and practices and serves as an excellent guide to managing environmental risk.

    Preface. Environmental Management Systems: A Tool for Success.

    Chapter 1. Environmental Risk Management – An Overview.

    Chapter 2. A Systematic Approach to Managing Environmental Risk.

    Chapter 3. Preventing and Mitigating Environmental Liabilities with Environmental Management Systems.

    Chapter 4. Strategic Information for Risk Management Systems.

    Chapter 5. Voluntary Programs and Industry-Led Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Risk. 

    Chapter 6. Environmental Risk Management Systems: An Introduction.

    Chapter 7. Compliance and Ethics Programs.

    Chapter 8. Environmental Risk Management Sytems.

    Chapter 9. Practical Methods to Solve Environmental Problems and to Reduce Risks.

    Chapter 10. Practical Methods to Reduce Litigation Costs.

    Chapter 11. How Voluntary Programs and Other Initiatives Can Improve Performance and Lead to Reductions in Environmental Risk.

    Chapter 12. How Document Control Systems Can Reduce Risks.

    Chapter 13. Conclusion.


    Robert  A.  Woellner,  M.S.,  is  the  President  of  QUEST  Environmental  and  QUEST  Management  International.  Bob  has  more  than  25  years  of  environmental  risk  assessment,  industrial  hygiene,  indoor  air  quality,  scientific  investigative,  and  environmental  management  systems  consulting  experience. He serves on several boards, teaches college classes, and has published many articles and contributed to several books regarding environmental risk management. He has qualified and served in numerous jurisdictions as an expert  in  industrial  hygiene,  environmental  monitoring,  microflora/mold,  meth,  indoor  air  quality,  environmental  sampling,  and  risk  management,  for  dozens  of  environmental  contamination  cases.  He  holds  a  Bachelor’s  degree in Geology from Middlebury College and a Master of Science degree in Marine Geology and Geophysics from the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science.

    John  Voorhees,  J.D.,  a  Shareholder  at  Greenberg  Traurig,  LLC,  has  practiced law for over 40 years and is a member of the American, Colorado, and Denver Bar Associations. He focuses his practice on compliance counseling, particularly on environmental, health care, fraud, and white collar matters. He  has  defended  Superfund  and  Clean  Water  Act  cases  and  a  wide  variety  of  other  civil  and  criminal  cases.  He  has  represented  hospitals  and  a  disease  management  company  in  disputes  with  the  Centers  for  Medicare  and  Medicaid  Services  (CMS)  and  is  experienced  at  litigating  hospitals’  Medicare reimbursement claims against CMS, as well as fraud, waste, and abuse  claims.  He  spent  11  years  as  a  federal  prosecutor  in  the  Organized  Crime & Racketeering Section of the U.S. Department of Justice before entering private practice in 1988. John received his law degree from the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America. He has represented QUEST since 1995.

    Christopher  L.  Bell,  J.D.,  is  a  partner  in  the  international  law  firm  of  Greenberg Traurig LLP. He counsels clients and defends in civil and criminal enforcement cases on a wide range of issues, including compliance with water,  waste,  air,  chemical,  transportation,  pollution  prevention,  cleanup,  product stewardship, and safety requirements as well as international issues such  as  the  EU’s  ROHS  Directive  and  REACH  Regulation,  and  issues  such  as  climate  change,  sustainable  development,  nanotechnology,  and  social  responsibility. He participates in legislative and regulatory advocacy involving  most  of  the  major  environmental  laws.  He  has  extensive  experience  designing,  implementing,  and  auditing  environmental  management  and  compliance  assurance  systems,  including  systems  based  on  ISO  14001,  RC  14001, and the Sentencing Guidelines. He was a lead U.S. international negotiator on ISO 14001 for a decade and also served as a negotiator in the development of the ISO 37001:2016 standard on antibribery management systems. He  is  currently  serving  as  an  independent  monitor  overseeing  compliance  with complex federal debarment and probation agreements arising from the resolution of a major criminal environmental case.