1st Edition

International Guide to Foreign Currency Management

By Gary Shoup Copyright 1998

    Financial managers rarely find a one-stop source for a complete course in currency management. Expanding on his work, Currency Risk Management, Gary Shoup builds a practical foreign currency management program. This extensive text covers everything managers and their consultants need to implement a program, from trends in exchange rates to understanding pricing determinants. He discusses in detail the market for currencies, price forecasting, exposure and risk management, managing accounting exposure, and managing strategic exposure.

    Introduction; 1: The Problem with Foreign Currency; 2: What is a Currency, Really?; 3: Currency Arrangements; 4: Price Determinants; 5: Exchange Rates and Interest Rates; 6: The Markets; 7: Price Forecasting; 8: Exposure and Risk; 9: Principals of Hedging; 10: Currency Management Considerations; 11: Managing Strategic Exposure; 12: Managing Accounting Exposure; 13: Hedge Transactions; 14: Trading Forwards and Futures; 15: The Option Hedge; 16: Presentation


    Gary Shoup