1st Edition

International HRM in an Uncertain World

    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores international human resource management (IHRM) practices in the contexts of high uncertainties.  It encompasses situations of financial crisis, political and civil uncertainty, environmental collapse and recession.

    Research on unstable and unpredictable contexts on business and HRM remain relatively scarce and scattered across disciplines. This volume brings together recent thinking from a range of different perspectives and methodologies. MNEs are often distinguished by the supposedly superior ability to implement highly tactical, more robust talent management practices, including work-based, HRM-led and international systems, in line with the rest of their worldwide operations; however, they often fall short. The chapters in this book explore the how, why, and when. At a theoretical level, this collection brings together developments and extensions of a range of salient theories.  They explore common methodological challenges and ways forward for future researchers on HRM in high contextual uncertainty.  

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of The International Journal of Human Resource Management.


    Geoffrey Wood, Mehmet Demirbag, Caleb Kwong and Fang Lee Cooke


    Human resource management in the context of high uncertainties

    Caleb Kwong, Mehmet Demirbag, Geoffrey Wood and Fang Lee Cooke

    1. Context-specific understandings of uncertainty: a focus on people management practices in Mongolia

    Marina Michalski, Martyna Śliwa and Saranzaya Manalsuren

    2. Breaking away or holding on to the past? Exploring HRM systems of export-oriented SMEs in a highly uncertain context: insights from a transition economy in the periphery

    Dilshod Makhmadshoev and Knut Laaser

    3. Variations and differences in the application of HR policies and practices by US hotel multinational firm’s subsidiaries across coordinated and transitional periphery economies: a case approach

    Giovanni Oscar Serafini and Leslie Thomas Szamosi

    4. Context, governance, associational trust and HRM: diversity and commonalities

    Marc Goergen, Salim Chahine, Chris Brewster and Geoffrey Wood

    5. Human resource capabilities in uncertain environments

    Misagh Tasavori, Nayereh Eftekhar, Ghanbar Mohammadi Elyasi and Reza Zaefarian

    6. Idiosyncratic deals in less competitive labor markets: testing career i-deals in the Greek context of high uncertainties

    Anastasia A. Katou, Pawan S. Budhwar and Charmi Patel


    Researching IHRM in an Uncertain World: Methodological Challenges and Solutions.

    Geoffrey Wood, Mehmet Demirbag, Caleb Kwong and Fang Lee Cooke


    Geoffrey Wood is DANCap Private Equity Chair and Professor, Western University, Canada, and Adjunct Professor, Trinity College, Dublin. He is editor of Academy of Management Perspectives and Human Resource Management Journal. He publishes widely in international business, HRM, and corporate finance.

    Mehmet Demirbag is Professor at Essex Business School, University of Essex, United Kingdom. His current research interest focuses on multinational enterprises in and from emerging markets, offshore R&D activities of multinational enterprises, and the impact of institutional factors on multinational enterprises’ operations, high performance work systems and talent management practices in emerging markets.

    Caleb Kwong is Reader at Essex Business School, University of Essex, United Kingdom. His current research interest is in business and social organisations operating in uncertain and conflict environments.

    Fang Lee Cooke is Professor at Monash Business School, Monash University, Australia. Her research interests are in the area of international HRM, gender studies, diversity management, strategic HRM, knowledge management and innovation, outsourcing, HRM in the care sector, digitalization and implications for employment and HRM.