1st Edition

International Handbook of Community Services for the Mentally Retarded

Edited By J. A. Stark, J. J. Mcgee, F. J. Menolascino Copyright 1984

    This handbook provides the reader with the applied knowledge essential for initiating, building, and continuing community service programs for the mentally retarded. Applied to specific populations, and to both urban and rural settings, the model also offers a blueprint for establishing successful service systems.

    Contents: Part I:Ideology and Foundational Principles. Major Factors Promoting Changes in Community Services. The Challenges Facing Community Services. Foundational Principles Essential to Successful Community-Based Services. The Four Basic Program Components in a Community-Based System. Part II:From Ideology to Practice. Establishing a Community-Based Service System--The ENCOR Model. How to Overcome the Arguments Against Integrated Community Services. A Systems Model for Overcoming the Barriers to Services. The Delivery of Services in Rural Settings. Part III:Special Populations and Issues. Serving Mentally Retarded-Medically Fragile Persons. Serving the Mentally Retarded-Mentally Ill. The Cost-Benefit Issues in Financing a Community-Based Service System. Cost-Efficiency Issues in Serving the Mentally Retarded in Community Settings. Staff Training and Development. Part IV:Future Directions. Perspectives on Provision of Community Services to Individuals With Mental Retardation.


    Stark, J. A.; Mcgee, J. J.; Menolascino, F. J.