1st Edition

International Law and Business A Global Introduction

By Bart Wernaart Copyright 2022
    390 Pages 46 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    390 Pages 46 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book introduces law in the context of international business. The basics of law are explored using a clear comparative methodology. International and regional economic institutions are discussed, next to the fundaments of private law. These include contract law, liability law, labour law, company law, privacy law, intellectual property law and international private law. The book goes beyond the usual focus on Western legal systems and uses examples from all over the world to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of business law. It is set up rather broadly, so that it can be used by teachers throughout their entire curriculum. Each chapter ends with a clear summary, and practice questions. Due to its colourful cases, this book is accessible and fun to read.


    PART 1

    Introduction and methods

    1 What is law and where can we find it?

    1.1 The organization of just behaviour

    1.2 The meaning of just behaviour

    1.3 The origin of law

    1.4 Legal sources


    Practice questions

    2 Comparative law and legal systems

    2.1 The purpose of comparative law

    2.2 Macro comparison: legal families

    2.3 Micro comparison: a functional method


    Practice questions

    PART 2

    International public law

    3 Constitutional law

    3.1 Trias politica and the struggle for power

    3.2 The language of constitutional law


    Practice questions

    4 International cooperation: the United Nations

    4.1 The United Nations and Bretton Woods

    4.2 The institutions of the UN


    Practice questions

    5 International Cooperation: The Bretton Woods Institutions

    5.1 The International Monetary Fund

    5.2 The World Bank

    5.3 The World Trade Organization

    5.4 Alternatives


    Practice questions

    6 Regional economic integration

    6.1 Regional economic integration

    6.2 The free trade zone: NAFTA

    6.3 The customs union: the SACU

    6.4 The common market: MERCOSUR


    Practice questions

    7 The European Union

    7.1 Economic integration in Europe

    7.2 Free trade under the EU

    7.3 The organizational structure of the EU

    7.4 Dispute settlement


    Practice questions

    PART 3

    Business law

    8 Contract law

    8.1 The forming of a contract

    8.2 The content and interpretation of a contract

    8.3 The form of a contract

    8.4 Factors affecting the validity of a contract

    8.5 Performance of the contract

    8.6 International contract law


    Practice questions

    9 Liability law

    9.1 Contractual liability

    9.2 Non-contractual liability


    Practice questions

    10 Labour law

    10.1 The industrial revolution and the emergence of labour law

    10.2 International labour law

    10.3 Proper labour conditions


    Practice questions

    11 Company law

    11.1 The legal form of a company

    11.2 Regulatory competition

    11.3 Foreign companies


    Practice questions

    12 The right to privacy and data processing

    12.1 Privacy: a clash of rights

    12.2 Privacy laws around the world

    12.3 Jurisdiction challenges


    Practice questions

    13 Intellectual property

    13.1 The forms of intellectual property

    13.2 Jurisdiction challenges


    Practice questions

    14 Private international law

    14.1 International legal disputes

    14.2 The free choice principle

    14.3 Substantive private international rules

    14.4 Objective private international rules


    Practice questions



    Bart Wernaart is law and ethics lecturer for International Business and Management Studies at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Next to his academic career, Bart is a professional musician. Bart lives together with his wife Sylvia and their son Vik in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.