1st Edition

International Management in China Cross-Cultural Issues

Edited By Jan Selmer Copyright 1998

    The greatest challenge to international business today is how to manage business operations across cultural boundaries. This is especially true in the case of China, which has attracted a massive amount of foreign investment and international trade recently. This new study examines three main themes:
    * the partnership of management through joint ventures
    * the human resource aspects of management
    * the management of communication, co-operation and negotiation
    The crucial issue of trustworthiness, the different managerial practices in China and the West, the importance of being well prepared and understanding Chinese negotiations are the major contemporary issues identified and discussed in this book.

    Chapter 1 Introduction, Jan Selmer; Part 1 Partnership management; Chapter 2 Conflicts in Sino-European joint ventures, Guolie Zhu, Mark W. Speece, Stella L.M. So; Chapter 3 Team conflict management, Zhong-Ming Wang; Chapter 4 Learning modes in international joint ventures in China, Niklas Lindholm; Chapter 5 Building trust for successful partnership in China, Elizabeth Li; Chapter 6 Future Sino-Western strategic partnership, Chiang-nan Chao, Robert J. Mockler, Dorothy G. Dologite; Part 2 Human resource management; Chapter 7 Human resource management practices in international joint ventures versus state-owned nterprises in China, Malcolm Warner; Chapter 8 Recruitment and retention of managerial staff in China, Robert McEllister; Chapter 9 Performance appraisal in China, Cherrie J. Zhu, Peter J. Dowling; Chapter 10 Reward systems for local staff in China, Vivienne W.M. Luk, Randy K. Chiu; Chapter 11 Strategic human resource management: expatriate managers in China, Jan Selmer; Part 3 Managing communication, cooperation and negotiation; Chapter 12 Effective management communication for China, William B. Chapel; Chapter 13 Interpersonal cooperation in Western subsidiaries in China, Verner D. Worm; Chapter 14 Confucian connections in China, Rosalie L. Tung, Irene Y.M. Yeung; Chapter 15 Chinese and Western negotiator stereotypes, Gilbert Y.Y. Wong, Raymond J. Stone; Chapter 16 Chinese negotiation strategies and Western counter-strategies, Carolyn Blackman; Chapter 17 Sino-Japanese negotiations in China, Mantaka Kanayama; Chapter 18 Conclusions: current issues and emerging trends, Jan Selmer;


    Jan Selmer is Professor in the Department of Management at Hong Kong Baptist University. He has published widely on issues of cross-cultural management and is an active consultant in cross-cultural training for international managers of international corporations.