1st Edition

International Migration and Security Opportunities and Challenges

Edited By Elspeth Guild, JOANNE VAN SELM Copyright 2005
    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Every day newspapers in the Western world carry articles about illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and other migrants. The focus of these articles varies greatly from migrants as a threat to one or another important social or societal interest, to migrants as an important asset to those same interests. The tone is most often emotional - whichever way the focus goes. The overall impact is to confuse: is migration good or bad? In this book Guild and van Selm seek to investigate these value assessments regarding migrants in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. While looking at issues such as security, human rights, legal systems, identity, racism, welfare, health and labour, the authors also respond to critics of immigration.

    1. Immigration: Opportunities and Challenges for the Developed World Joanne van Selm 2. Immigration and Regional Security  3. Rights Spillovers: The Impact of Migration on the Legal System of Western States  4. Human Rights for Immigrants and Immigrants for Human Rights  5. From Foreigners to 'Abnormal Aliens': How the Faces of the Enemy Have Changed Following September the 11th  6. Immigrants and the Host Polity: Immigrant Voters as an Electoral Counterweight to Extreme Right Parties  7. Cultural and Identity Security: Immigrants and the Legal Expression of National Identity 8. Immigrants, Refugees and Racism: Europeans and Their Denial  9. Language and Immigration  10. Global, National and Local Identities: The Transformative Effects of Migrant Literature 11. Immigration and the Welfare State  12. Migration; A Threat or an Asset to Health?  13. Homeownership and the Integration of Immigrants in the United States  14. Digestible Difference: Food, Ethnicity and Spatial Claims in the City  15. Feeding the Festive City: Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Tourist Industry  Conclusions


    Elspeth Guild, Joanne van Selm