1st Edition

International Perspectives on State and Family Support for the Elderly

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Within the context of long-range planning, this book examines the changing responsibilities of the state and family toward elders in different societies around the world. International Perspectives on State and Family Support for the Elderly presents a fresh range of lucid analyses of family caregiving policy from Canada, the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Austria, Denmark, Israel, and the People’s Republic of China. Different institutional structures, levels of economic development, and cultural values, among other factors, impact policy development in various countries. With the information examined in this book, readers can gain an understanding of elder care in other societies, which can help them in developing policies for their own countries.

    Authors of International Perspectives on State and Family Support for the Elderly address questions such as: Who is responsible for caring for the aged? What are the policy issues that determine how such care is handled in various countries? Are the underlying principles upon which policy is based changing? Who pays for the care of the aged? What is the balance of the roles of government, family, and community? Along with these questions, authors discuss:

    • the importance of family care
    • the well-being, payment, and rights of informal caregivers
    • providing services for informal caregivers
    • shifting the burden of care from formal organizations to families
    • the effects of governmental frameworks on caregiving
    • the impact of the political agenda on caregiving
    • caregiving and the welfare state

      International Perspectives on State and Family Support for the Elderly contains information for all professionals interested or involved in developing policy for the elderly. Demographers, sociologists, social workers, health care and public health professionals, gerontologists, and advanced students in these fields will find this book a helpful guide in their studies.

    Contents Foreword: “De-Constructing” Family Care Policy for the Elderly
    • Introduction: A Global View of Changing State and Family Support for Older Persons
    • The Effects of Federalism on Policies for Care of the Aged in Canada and the United States
    • Implications of Shifting Health Care Policy for Caregiving in Canada
    • Social Policies Regarding Caregiving to Elders: Canadian Contradictions
    • Paid Family Caregiving: A Review of Progress and Policies
    • Caregiving and Long-Term Health Care in the People’s Republic of China
    • The Changing Responsibilities of the State and Family Toward Elders in Hong Kong
    • Under New Management: The Changing Role of the State in the Care of Older People in the United Kingdom
    • Eldercare Policy Between the State and Family: Austria
    • The Evolution of the System of Care for the Aged in Denmark
    • Understanding the Pattern of Support for the Elderly: A Comparison Between Israel and Sweden
    •  Reference Notes Included


    Scott Bass, Jill Norton, Robert Morris *Deceased*