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International Politics in the Age of Disruption

About the Series

International politics is passing through a unique phase when multiple disruptions are challenging long-term ideas about political, economical and social interactions. States in the international system have to respond to challenges which few are equipped to effectively grapple with. As a consequence, global order is facing a crisis unlike any in recent times.

Some of the themes which will be explored as part of this series include the changing global and regional balance of power, emerging technologies and their impact on global order, national security and defense issues, evolving social trends such as populism, challenges to economic globalisation, the emerging energy dynamic, gender and politics, and non-traditional security issues. In doing so, this series will bring together cross-sectoral expertise from across the globe and help reshape academic and policy debates on these issues.

A core aspect of the works of these series will be a recognition of the fact that these above security developments can combine in unpredictable ways to create new strategic dilemmas for policymakers, as well as scholarly challenges for academics seeking to understand and define the nature of these interactivities. As such, the series will integrate sophisticated theoretical modification and application with policy-relevant topical focus, ensuring its dual attractiveness to policy and academic audiences.

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Techno-Geopolitics US-China Tech War and the Practice of Digital Statecraft

Techno-Geopolitics: US-China Tech War and the Practice of Digital Statecraft

1st Edition


By Pak Nung Wong
September 24, 2021

Techno-Geopolitics explores contemporary US-China relations and the future of global cyber-security through the prisms of geopolitics and financial-technological competition. It puts forward a new conceptual framework for an emerging field of digital statecraft and discusses a range of key issues ...

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