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International Population Studies: International Population Studies

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This book series provides an outlet for integrated and in-depth coverage of innovative research on population themes and techniques. International in scope, the books in the series cover topics such as migration and mobility, advanced population projection techniques, microsimulation modeling, life course analysis, demographic estimation methods and relationship statistics. The series includes research monographs, edited collections, advanced level textbooks and reference works on both methods and substantive topics. Key to the series is the presentation of knowledge founded on social science analysis of hard demographic facts based on censuses, surveys, vital and migration statistics. All books in the series are subject to review.

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Syrian Refugees in Turkey A Demographic Profile and Linked Social Challenges

Syrian Refugees in Turkey: A Demographic Profile and Linked Social Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Alanur Çavlin
December 28, 2020

This book examines the changing demographic situation of Syrian refugees and the host community in Turkey, one of the major refugee hosting countries in the world, relying on a recent representative dataset. Conflicts and the resulting unrest force people to flee their countries and take refuge in ...

Internal Migration in the Developed World Are we becoming less mobile?

Internal Migration in the Developed World: Are we becoming less mobile?

1st Edition

Edited By Tony Champion, Thomas Cooke, Ian Shuttleworth
June 07, 2019

The frequency with which people move home has important implications for national economic performance and the well-being of individuals and families. Much contemporary social and migration theory posits that the world is becoming more mobile, leading to the recent ‘mobilities turn’ within the ...

Internal Migration Geographical Perspectives and Processes

Internal Migration: Geographical Perspectives and Processes

1st Edition

By Darren P. Smith, Nissa Finney, Nigel Walford
February 06, 2018

Over the last two decades there have been numerous profound changes in UK society which have had an impact on the scale, geographies, meaning and experiences of internal migration. Providing a critical appraisal of migration scholarship from the perspective of Geography, reviewing theory, ...

Population Change in Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa Beyond the Demographic Divide

Population Change in Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa: Beyond the Demographic Divide

1st Edition

By Koenraad Matthijs, Karel Neels, Christiane Timmerman, Jacques Haers
February 05, 2018

Current demographic trends raise new questions, challenges and controversies. Comparing demographic trends in Europe and the NAME-region (North Africa and the Middle East), this book demonstrates how population change interacts with changing economic landscapes, social distinctions and political ...

The Routledge Handbook of Census Resources, Methods and Applications Unlocking the UK 2011 Census

The Routledge Handbook of Census Resources, Methods and Applications: Unlocking the UK 2011 Census

1st Edition

Edited By John Stillwell
August 15, 2017

The collection of reliable and comprehensive data on the magnitude, composition and distribution of a country’s population is essential in order for governments to provide services, administer effectively and guide a country’s development. The primary source of basic demographic statistics is ...

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