1st Edition

International Public Administrations in Global Public Policy Sources and Effects of Bureaucratic Influence

Edited By Christoph Knill, Yves Steinebach Copyright 2023
    276 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    276 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book examines the rise and agency of International Organizations (IOs) and their bureaucratic bodies— the International Public Administrations (IPAs)— as a reflection of an ongoing transfer of political authority and power from the domestic to the international level.

    It shows that IPAs represent actors per se, with autonomy and resources that allow them to exert an independent influence on global policy-making processes and outputs. Providing a combination of novel conceptual lenses and research design to capture IPAs as an empirical phenomenon, the book takes an open, theoretically and methodologically diverse approach to show that IPAs are far from being negligible actors in global public policy and must be taken seriously as actors in policy-making beyond the nation-state.

    This book will be of key interest to students, scholars, and practitioners in Public Policy and Public Administration, International Relations, International Political Economy, as well as Organizational Studies.

    1. Introduction: International Public Administrations in Global Public Policy

    Christoph Knill and Yves Steinebach

    Part 1: Dimensions and Sources of IPA Authority

    2. No Actorness without Autonomy: Researching IPAs’ Role in Transnational Policy-Making

    Michael W. Bauer and Jörn Ege

    3. Conditions of Influence: Policy Effects of IPA Autonomy in Comparative Perspective

    Michael W. Bauer, Jörn Ege, and Nora Wagner

    4. Reputation and Influence: A Comparative Assessment of Stakeholder Attitudes Toward IPAs

    Andrea Liese and Mirko Heinzel

    5. Towards Digital Authority of International Public Administrations in Global Climate and Disability Policymaking

    Alexandra Goritz, Helge Jörgens, Nina Kolleck, and Johannes Schuster

    Part 2: IPAs as Organizations

    6. How Administrative Styles Matter: International Public Administrations as Agents in Global Public Policy

    Christoph Knill, Yves Steinebach, and Louisa Bayerlein

    7. Bureaucratic Agency and Policy Performance in International Organizations

    Yves Steinebach, Christoph Knill, Constantin Kaplaner, and Louisa Bayerlein

    8. How Administrative Styles Impact on Organizational Change and Reforms of International Public Administrations

    Stephan Grohs and Daniel Rasch

    Part 3: Resource Politics

    9. Money and Time: Budgeting and Resourcing in International Public Administrations

    Klaus H. Goetz, Ronny Patz, and Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir

    10. The Politics of Evaluation in International Organizations

    Steffen Eckhard and Vytautas Jankauskas

    Part 4: Nodality; IPAs as Interface Actors

    11. Behind the Scenes: How International Treaty Secretariats Use Social Networks to Exert Influence in the Global Climate Policy Regime

    Nina Kolleck, Helge Jörgens, Mareike Well, Barbara Saerbeck, Alexandra Goritz, and Johannes Schuster

    12. Only Words? Coordination and Power in Multilevel Administration beyond the State

    Arthur Benz

    13. How and How Much Do International Public Administrations Matter?: Patterns and Sources of Their Influence in Global Public Policy

    Christoph Knill and Yves Steinebach


    Christoph Knill is Chair of Public Policy and Public Administration at LMU Munich, Germany.

    Yves Steinebach is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration at the University of Oslo, Norway.

    "With their quest for new theoretical approaches to understand and explain the role and influence of IO bureaucracies in global policy beyond merely descriptive accounts, Christoph Knill, Yves Steinebach, and their colleagues take the study of International Public Administrations to the next level."

    Fritz Sager, University of Bern, Switzerland

    "This seminal new book is a landmark in our scholarly understanding of international bureaucracies. The authors provide the most comprehensive analysis to-date of how and why international public administrations matter and how they make a difference in their own right. The book will be useful for those professors and students across the social sciences who are interested in the interconnections of globalization and public administration."

    Diane Stone, European University Institute, Italy