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Gender and Social Security Reform What's Fair for Women?

Gender and Social Security Reform: What's Fair for Women?

1st Edition

Edited By Neil Gilbert
May 15, 2006

Aging populations are creating tremendous pressures on social security systems throughout the world, lifting the need for reform to the top of policy agendas. Proposed reforms often have different implications for men and women. At the same time, traditional family and gender roles are changing ...

Welfare Reform A Comparative Assessment of the French and U. S. Experiences

Welfare Reform: A Comparative Assessment of the French and U. S. Experiences

1st Edition

By Antoine Parent
November 30, 2003

Since the late 1980s welfare policies in France and the United States have increasingly been shaped by a strong emphasis on citizens' obligations to work and be independent, and a weakening of entitlements to income maintenance. Throughout the advanced industrialized nations, welfare reforms ...

Changing Patterns of Social Protection

Changing Patterns of Social Protection

1st Edition

By Rebecca A. Van Voorhis
June 30, 2003

"A thoughtful assessment of socioeconomic needs and influences, observing the necessity for benefits as well as the lessons of experience offered by various nations"--Library Bookwatch Over the last two decades, aging populations, changing family structures, market forces of globalization, strains ...

Social Security in the Global Village

Social Security in the Global Village

1st Edition

By Christina Behrendt
May 31, 2002

There is growing recognition that globalization places major pressures on the development of social security schemes. Internationalization of the economy has important consequences for labor markets: employment is becoming less secure and inequality and social exclusion more pronounced in many ...

Building Social Security Volume 6, The Challenge of Privatization

Building Social Security: Volume 6, The Challenge of Privatization

1st Edition

Edited By Xenia Scheil-Adlung
August 31, 2001

In recent years, in both the specialist press and the tabloids, the idea of privatization of social security has become a shimmering catch phrase. Politicians base election campaigns on promises of more or less privatization in social security. Many governments introduce private business management...

Employability From Theory to Practice

Employability: From Theory to Practice

1st Edition

By Michele Baukens
August 31, 2001

In the struggle against unemployment and marginalization, employability has become the one major tool to counteract this phenomenon. Those who have no chances to develop or enhance their employability will fail in the competitive labor market of the new economic order. While the notion of ...

Social Security at the Dawn of the 21st Century Topical Issues and New Approaches

Social Security at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Topical Issues and New Approaches

1st Edition

Edited By Donate Dobbernack
March 31, 2001

Presenting a periodic overview of the most significant developments and trends in the field of social security has become, for the International Social Security Association, a tradition and a firm commitment. Benefiting from the vast quantity of information uniquely available to the ISSA, its ...

Recent Health Policy Innovations in Social Security

Recent Health Policy Innovations in Social Security

1st Edition

By Xenia Scheil-Adlung
January 31, 2001

The debate about health care reform has gone on for many years. The debate has generated often innovative ideas for reform that transcend national boundaries. For example, proposals have been made for an extension of health insurance with a framework of social protection; progressive development of...

Targeting Social Benefits International Perspectives and Trends

Targeting Social Benefits: International Perspectives and Trends

1st Edition

By Neil Gilbert
September 30, 2000

Over the last decade changing family life and increasing fiscal constraints on welfare expenditures have forced industrialized nations to reconsider how they approach social protection. Faced with fiscal and demographic changes, many countries have been struggling to -develop innovative policy ...

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