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1st Edition

International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences

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ISBN 9780849314902
Published October 30, 2002 by CRC Press
440 Pages

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Table of Contents

PLENARY TALKS -- Gradient-Based Learning and Optimization/XI-REN CAO -- Stochastic Fluid Models for Communication Networks/CHRISTOS G. CASSANDRAS -- Stochastic Process Algebra, Reversed Processes and Product Forms/PETER G. HARRISON -- Static Scheduling Strategies for Heterogeneous Systems/O. BEAUMONT, A. LEGRAND, and Y. ROBERT -- SESSION 1-1: ADVANCED NETWORKING HARDWARE -- Towards 10-100 Gbps Cryptographic Architectures/KHARY ALEXANDER, RAMESH KARRI, IGOR MINKIN, KAIJIE WU, PIYUSH MISHRA, and XUAN LI -- Integrated Photonic Devices for Optical and Wireless Networking/FOW-SEN CHOA and JIE LIN -- Splintering TCP/PATRICIA GILFEATHER and ARTHUR B. MACCABE -- Network Processors: Origin of Species/N. SHAH and K. KEUTZER -- SESSION 1-2: MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY -- Automatic Generation of Motion Activity Descriptors in Video Sequences/JUNG HWAN OH and VASAVI GAVIRNENI -- ETCP: An Efficacy-Oriented Transport Protocol for Point-to-Point Connections/SIMON SHEU, SANG-FONG CHIEN, and PING-YI LIN -- Buffer Management for Periodic Broadcast Servers/WALLAPAK TAVANAPONG and MINH TRAN -- A Formal Treatment of the Sampling-Based Approach to Managing Image Databases/KHANH VU, KIEN A. HUA, and S.D. LANG -- SESSION 1-3: IMAGE PROCESSING I -- Measuring Female Facial Beauty by Calculating the Proportions of the Face/HATICE GUNES and M. YAHYA KARSLIGIL -- Appearance Reconstruction of Three Dimensional Models from Real Images/ULAS YiLMAZ, ADEM Y. MOLAYIM, and VOLKAN ATALAY -- Texture Segmentation by Using Adaptive Polyphase Subband Decomposition/MUSTAFA YAMAN, VOLKAN ATALAY, MUSTAFA TURKER, A.ENIS CETIN, and ONER NEZIH GEREK -- Multiscale Image Representation Using Switched Codebook Predictive Vector Quantization/MEHMET YAKUT -- SESSION 2-1: COMPUTER NETWORKS I -- A Parallel Algorithm for Global Optimisation and Semi-Infinite Programming/S. ASPREY, B. RUSTEM, and S. ZAKOVIC -- Logical Performance of the Optical Packet Metropolitan Ring Architecture/T. ATM AC A and D. POPA -- Packet Selection in a Deflection Routing Algorithm/A. BORRERO, JEAN-MICHEL. FOURNEAU, and F. QUESSETTE -- Geometrically Batched Networks/PETER G. HARRISON, DAVID THORNLEY, and HARF ZATSCHLER -- SESSION 2-2: ALGORITHMS -- A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Allocating Independent Tasks on Heterogeneous Fork-Graphs/O. BEAUMONT, A. LEGRAND, and Y. ROBERT -- An Experimental Evaluation of Modified Algorithms for the Graph Partitioning Problem/JURIZ SILC, PETER KOROSEC, and BORUT ROBIC -- Bottleneck Perfect Domination on Some Classes of Graphs/W. CHUNG-KUNG YEN -- Concept of and Experiments on Combining Compression with Encryption/MEHMET EMIN DALKILIC and EBRU CELIKEL -- SESSION 2-3: COMPUTER GRAPHICS -- Honeycomb Subdivision/ERGUN AKLEMAN and VINOD SRINIVASAN -- A New Image-Based Lighting Method: Practical Shadow-Based Light Reconstruction/JAEMIN LEE and ERGUN AKLEMAN -- Interactive Deformation with Triangles/JAMES DEAN PALMER, ERGUN AKLEMAN, and JIANER CHEN -- Marker Mapping Techniques for Augmented Reality Visualization/FELIX G. HAMZA-LUP, LARRY DAVIS, CHARLES E. HUGHES, and JANNICK P. ROLLAND -- SESSION 3-1: CODING AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION -- Resource Allocation for an Enterprise Mobile Services Platform/MATTI HILTUNEN, RITTWIK JANA, and YIH-FARN CHEN -- Wireless MAC Protocols Supporting Real-Time Services in Wireless LANs/YOUNGGOO KWON, YUGUANG FANG, and HANIPH LATCHMAN -- The Role of Error Control Coding in Joint Detection CDMA/CHRISTIAN SCHLEGEL -- Sensivity to Timing Errors in EGC and MRC Techniques/YUNGJING YIN, JOHN P. FONSEKA, and ISREAL KORN -- SESSION 3-2: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -- Visualizing Transition Diagrams of Action Language Programs/OZCAN KOQ, FERDA N. ALPASLAN.and NIHAN K. ICEKLI -- Turkish Natural Language Interface: CEVAPVER/ZEYNEP ALTAN and DOGAL ACAR -- A Machine Translation System between a Pair of Closely Related Languages/KEMAL ALTINTAS and ILYAS CICEKLI -- An Intelligent System Dealing with Nuanced Information/MAZEN EL-SAYED and DANIEL PACHOLCZYK -- SESSION 3-3: IMAGE PROCESSING II -- Robust Rotation Estimation from Three Orthogonally Oriented Cameras/SUNEIL SASTRI and RAYMOND KWONG -- Computer Vision-Based Unistroke Keyboards/AYKUT ERDEM, ERKUT ERDEM, VOLKAN ATALAY, and A. ENIS CETIN -- Camera Auto-Calibration Using a Sequence of 2D Images with Small Rotations and Translations/REZA HASSANPOUR and VOLKAN ATALAY -- Biometric Security System Design Using Keystroke Rhythms Algorithm/AYKUT GUVEN and IBRAHIM SOGUKPINAR -- SESSION 4-1: EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION -- Evolutionary Computation: Current Research and Open Issues/KENNETH DEJONG -- Mixing of Building Blocks and Single-Point Crossover/KUMARA SASTRY and DAVID E. GOLDBERG -- Solution Stability in Evolutionary Computation/TERENCE SOULE, ROBERT B, HECKENDORN, and JIAN SHEN -- A Comparison of Haploidy and Diploidy without Dominance on Integer Representations/AYSE S. YILMAZ and ANNIE S, WU -- SESSION 4-2: COMPUTER NETWORKS II -- Control of Lightpaths in Heterogeneous Optical Networks/JING WU and HUSSEIN T. MOUFTAH -- The Link-Orientation Problem on Several Practical Networks/W. CHUNG-KUNG YEN and SHIN-JER YANG -- Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Driving/ALINA BEJAN and RAMON LAWRENCE -- Fairness in Differentiated Services Architecture/ERHAN ASIM OZTURK and CUNEYT F. BAZLAMACI -- SESSION 4-3: DATABASES -- Exploiting Semantic Constraints in a Database Browser/JIE ZHANG and DAVID L. SPOONER -- Dispatching Java Agents to User for Data Extraction from Third Party Web Sites/DMITRIY BERYOZA, NAPHTALI RISHE, ANDREI SELIVONENKO, ALEJANDRO ROQUE, and IAN DE FELIPE -- Incremental Maintenance of Object-Oriented Views in Data Warehouses/CHING-MING CHAO -- Cortex-Based Mechanism for Discovery of High-Order Features/OLCAY KURSUN and OLEG FAVOROV -- SESSION 5-1: GRAPH THEORY -- Maximum Alliance-Free and Minimum Allianee-Cover Sets/KHURRAM H. SHAFIQUE and RONALD D. DUTTON -- Offensive Alliances in Graphs/ODILE FAVARON, GERD FRICKE, WAYNE GODDARD, SANDRA M. HEDETNIEMI, STEPHEN T. HEDETNIEMI, PETTER KRISTIANSEN, RENU C. LASKAR, and DUANE SKAGGS -- Global Defensive Alliances/TERESA W. HAYNES, STEPHEN T. HEDETNIEMI, and MICHAEL A. HENNING -- Introduction to Alliances in Graphs/PETTER KRISTIANSEN, SANDRA M. HEDETNIEMI, and STEPEHN T. HEDETNIEMI -- SESSION 5-2: COMPUTER NETWORKS III -- Case-Based Agents for Packet-Level Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks/R. GUHA, O. KACHIRSKI, D. G. SCHWARTZ, S. STOECKLIN, and E. YILMAZ -- A Routing Solution for a Global, Space-Based Multimedia System/M. GUIZANI and I. G. SCHNELLER -- Design and Implementation of Smart Packet Processor for the Cognitive Packet Network Router/TASKIN KOCAK and JUDE SEEBER -- Dynamic Shortest Path Routing in 2-Circulants/TOMAZ DOBRAVEC, BORUT ROBIC, and BOSTJAN VILFAN -- SESSION 5-3: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING -- Measuring the Size of Object-Oriented Software Applications/JING-CHIOU LIOU -- Net Class: A Multilingual, Web-Based Learning Management Tool/SEREN BASARAN, NESE YALABIK, and OMIT KIZILOGLU -- How Human Factors Impact on Software Process Maturity/JING-CHIOU LIOU -- A Mathematical Formalism for Specifying Design Patterns/DENVER R. E. WILLIAMS, CHARLES E. HUGHES, and ALI OROOJI -- SESSION 6-1: NEW ISSUES IN NETWORKING -- A New Wireless Archtecture for QoS, Security and Mobility/HAKIMA CHAOUCHI and GUY PUJOLLE -- Bandwidth Allocation in Bluetooth Scatternets/ULF KORNER and NIKLAS JOHANSSON -- Mobility and Multicast: Protocol Design and Analysis/ROLLAND VIDA, LUIS H. M. K. COSTA, and SERGE FDIDA -- Performance Modeling of an Edge Optical Burst Switching Node/LISONG XU, HARRY G. PERROS, and GEORGE N. ROUSKAS -- SESSION 6-2: WEB-BASED SIMULATION -- Educational Application of an Online Context Sensitive Speech Dictionary/G. BENGU, GUANGYU LIU, RITESH ADVAL, and FRANK SHIH -- Using Computer Simulation to Optimize the Operations for an Automotive Manufacturing Facility/HALDUN QELIK and MURAT GUVENTURK -- A Web-Based Framework with Experimental Design Approach to Simulation Optimization/OSMAN NURI DARCAN and ALI RIZA KAYLAN -- Evaluation of the Adaptivity of a Continuous Review Inventory Control Model/ASLI SENCER ERDEM and NURI BASOGLU -- SESSION 6-3: SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING -- Performance Engineering Based on UML and SPNs: A Software Performance Tool/JUAN PABLO LOPEZ-GRAO, JOSE MERSEGUER, and JAVIER CAMPOS -- Extending MASCOT to a Component-Based Software Performance Engineering Methodology/ONOFRE MUNAR, CARLOS JUIZ, and RAMON PUIGJANER -- Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Using Process Algebra/ADELMALEK BENZEKRI -- Modeling Nodes of Communication Networks at the Bit and Packet Levels/GERARDO RUBINO -- Author Index.

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