1st Edition

International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences

By Erol Gelenbe Copyright 2002
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    by CRC Press

    440 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Papers from an October 2002 symposium describe research in areas including algorithms, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer networks, databases, evolutionary computation, graph theory, image processing, multimedia technology, software engineering, and software performance engineering

    PLENARY TALKS -- Gradient-Based Learning and Optimization/XI-REN CAO -- Stochastic Fluid Models for Communication Networks/CHRISTOS G. CASSANDRAS -- Stochastic Process Algebra, Reversed Processes and Product Forms/PETER G. HARRISON -- Static Scheduling Strategies for Heterogeneous Systems/O. BEAUMONT, A. LEGRAND, and Y. ROBERT -- SESSION 1-1: ADVANCED NETWORKING HARDWARE -- Towards 10-100 Gbps Cryptographic Architectures/KHARY ALEXANDER, RAMESH KARRI, IGOR MINKIN, KAIJIE WU, PIYUSH MISHRA, and XUAN LI -- Integrated Photonic Devices for Optical and Wireless Networking/FOW-SEN CHOA and JIE LIN -- Splintering TCP/PATRICIA GILFEATHER and ARTHUR B. MACCABE -- Network Processors: Origin of Species/N. SHAH and K. KEUTZER -- SESSION 1-2: MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY -- Automatic Generation of Motion Activity Descriptors in Video Sequences/JUNG HWAN OH and VASAVI GAVIRNENI -- ETCP: An Efficacy-Oriented Transport Protocol for Point-to-Point Connections/SIMON SHEU, SANG-FONG CHIEN, and PING-YI LIN -- Buffer Management for Periodic Broadcast Servers/WALLAPAK TAVANAPONG and MINH TRAN -- A Formal Treatment of the Sampling-Based Approach to Managing Image Databases/KHANH VU, KIEN A. HUA, and S.D. LANG -- SESSION 1-3: IMAGE PROCESSING I -- Measuring Female Facial Beauty by Calculating the Proportions of the Face/HATICE GUNES and M. YAHYA KARSLIGIL -- Appearance Reconstruction of Three Dimensional Models from Real Images/ULAS YiLMAZ, ADEM Y. MOLAYIM, and VOLKAN ATALAY -- Texture Segmentation by Using Adaptive Polyphase Subband Decomposition/MUSTAFA YAMAN, VOLKAN ATALAY, MUSTAFA TURKER, A.ENIS CETIN, and ONER NEZIH GEREK -- Multiscale Image Representation Using Switched Codebook Predictive Vector Quantization/MEHMET YAKUT -- SESSION 2-1: COMPUTER NETWORKS I -- A Parallel Algorithm for Global Optimisation and Semi-Infinite Programming/S. ASPREY, B. RUSTEM, and S. ZAKOVIC -- Logical Performance of the Optical Packet Metropolitan Ring Architecture/T. ATM AC A and D. POPA -- Packet Selection in a Deflection Routing Algorithm/A. BORRERO, JEAN-MICHEL. FOURNEAU, and F. QUESSETTE -- Geometrically Batched Networks/PETER G. HARRISON, DAVID THORNLEY, and HARF ZATSCHLER -- SESSION 2-2: ALGORITHMS -- A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Allocating Independent Tasks on Heterogeneous Fork-Graphs/O. BEAUMONT, A. LEGRAND, and Y. ROBERT -- An Experimental Evaluation of Modified Algorithms for the Graph Partitioning Problem/JURIZ SILC, PETER KOROSEC, and BORUT ROBIC -- Bottleneck Perfect Domination on Some Classes of Graphs/W. CHUNG-KUNG YEN -- Concept of and Experiments on Combining Compression with Encryption/MEHMET EMIN DALKILIC and EBRU CELIKEL -- SESSION 2-3: COMPUTER GRAPHICS -- Honeycomb Subdivision/ERGUN AKLEMAN and VINOD SRINIVASAN -- A New Image-Based Lighting Method: Practical Shadow-Based Light Reconstruction/JAEMIN LEE and ERGUN AKLEMAN -- Interactive Deformation with Triangles/JAMES DEAN PALMER, ERGUN AKLEMAN, and JIANER CHEN -- Marker Mapping Techniques for Augmented Reality Visualization/FELIX G. HAMZA-LUP, LARRY DAVIS, CHARLES E. HUGHES, and JANNICK P. ROLLAND -- SESSION 3-1: CODING AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION -- Resource Allocation for an Enterprise Mobile Services Platform/MATTI HILTUNEN, RITTWIK JANA, and YIH-FARN CHEN -- Wireless MAC Protocols Supporting Real-Time Services in Wireless LANs/YOUNGGOO KWON, YUGUANG FANG, and HANIPH LATCHMAN -- The Role of Error Control Coding in Joint Detection CDMA/CHRISTIAN SCHLEGEL -- Sensivity to Timing Errors in EGC and MRC Techniques/YUNGJING YIN, JOHN P. FONSEKA, and ISREAL KORN -- SESSION 3-2: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -- Visualizing Transition Diagrams of Action Language Programs/OZCAN KOQ, FERDA N. ALPASLAN.and NIHAN K. ICEKLI -- Turkish Natural Language Interface: CEVAPVER/ZEYNEP ALTAN and DOGAL ACAR -- A Machine Translation System between a Pair of Closely Related Languages/KEMAL ALTINTAS and ILYAS CICEKLI -- An Intelligent System Dealing with Nuanced Information/MAZEN EL-SAYED and DANIEL PACHOLCZYK -- SESSION 3-3: IMAGE PROCESSING II -- Robust Rotation Estimation from Three Orthogonally Oriented Cameras/SUNEIL SASTRI and RAYMOND KWONG -- Computer Vision-Based Unistroke Keyboards/AYKUT ERDEM, ERKUT ERDEM, VOLKAN ATALAY, and A. ENIS CETIN -- Camera Auto-Calibration Using a Sequence of 2D Images with Small Rotations and Translations/REZA HASSANPOUR and VOLKAN ATALAY -- Biometric Security System Design Using Keystroke Rhythms Algorithm/AYKUT GUVEN and IBRAHIM SOGUKPINAR -- SESSION 4-1: EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION -- Evolutionary Computation: Current Research and Open Issues/KENNETH DEJONG -- Mixing of Building Blocks and Single-Point Crossover/KUMARA SASTRY and DAVID E. GOLDBERG -- Solution Stability in Evolutionary Computation/TERENCE SOULE, ROBERT B, HECKENDORN, and JIAN SHEN -- A Comparison of Haploidy and Diploidy without Dominance on Integer Representations/AYSE S. YILMAZ and ANNIE S, WU -- SESSION 4-2: COMPUTER NETWORKS II -- Control of Lightpaths in Heterogeneous Optical Networks/JING WU and HUSSEIN T. MOUFTAH -- The Link-Orientation Problem on Several Practical Networks/W. CHUNG-KUNG YEN and SHIN-JER YANG -- Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Driving/ALINA BEJAN and RAMON LAWRENCE -- Fairness in Differentiated Services Architecture/ERHAN ASIM OZTURK and CUNEYT F. BAZLAMACI -- SESSION 4-3: DATABASES -- Exploiting Semantic Constraints in a Database Browser/JIE ZHANG and DAVID L. SPOONER -- Dispatching Java Agents to User for Data Extraction from Third Party Web Sites/DMITRIY BERYOZA, NAPHTALI RISHE, ANDREI SELIVONENKO, ALEJANDRO ROQUE, and IAN DE FELIPE -- Incremental Maintenance of Object-Oriented Views in Data Warehouses/CHING-MING CHAO -- Cortex-Based Mechanism for Discovery of High-Order Features/OLCAY KURSUN and OLEG FAVOROV -- SESSION 5-1: GRAPH THEORY -- Maximum Alliance-Free and Minimum Allianee-Cover Sets/KHURRAM H. SHAFIQUE and RONALD D. DUTTON -- Offensive Alliances in Graphs/ODILE FAVARON, GERD FRICKE, WAYNE GODDARD, SANDRA M. HEDETNIEMI, STEPHEN T. HEDETNIEMI, PETTER KRISTIANSEN, RENU C. LASKAR, and DUANE SKAGGS -- Global Defensive Alliances/TERESA W. HAYNES, STEPHEN T. HEDETNIEMI, and MICHAEL A. HENNING -- Introduction to Alliances in Graphs/PETTER KRISTIANSEN, SANDRA M. HEDETNIEMI, and STEPEHN T. HEDETNIEMI -- SESSION 5-2: COMPUTER NETWORKS III -- Case-Based Agents for Packet-Level Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks/R. GUHA, O. KACHIRSKI, D. G. SCHWARTZ, S. STOECKLIN, and E. YILMAZ -- A Routing Solution for a Global, Space-Based Multimedia System/M. GUIZANI and I. G. SCHNELLER -- Design and Implementation of Smart Packet Processor for the Cognitive Packet Network Router/TASKIN KOCAK and JUDE SEEBER -- Dynamic Shortest Path Routing in 2-Circulants/TOMAZ DOBRAVEC, BORUT ROBIC, and BOSTJAN VILFAN -- SESSION 5-3: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING -- Measuring the Size of Object-Oriented Software Applications/JING-CHIOU LIOU -- Net Class: A Multilingual, Web-Based Learning Management Tool/SEREN BASARAN, NESE YALABIK, and OMIT KIZILOGLU -- How Human Factors Impact on Software Process Maturity/JING-CHIOU LIOU -- A Mathematical Formalism for Specifying Design Patterns/DENVER R. E. WILLIAMS, CHARLES E. HUGHES, and ALI OROOJI -- SESSION 6-1: NEW ISSUES IN NETWORKING -- A New Wireless Archtecture for QoS, Security and Mobility/HAKIMA CHAOUCHI and GUY PUJOLLE -- Bandwidth Allocation in Bluetooth Scatternets/ULF KORNER and NIKLAS JOHANSSON -- Mobility and Multicast: Protocol Design and Analysis/ROLLAND VIDA, LUIS H. M. K. COSTA, and SERGE FDIDA -- Performance Modeling of an Edge Optical Burst Switching Node/LISONG XU, HARRY G. PERROS, and GEORGE N. ROUSKAS -- SESSION 6-2: WEB-BASED SIMULATION -- Educational Application of an Online Context Sensitive Speech Dictionary/G. BENGU, GUANGYU LIU, RITESH ADVAL, and FRANK SHIH -- Using Computer Simulation to Optimize the Operations for an Automotive Manufacturing Facility/HALDUN QELIK and MURAT GUVENTURK -- A Web-Based Framework with Experimental Design Approach to Simulation Optimization/OSMAN NURI DARCAN and ALI RIZA KAYLAN -- Evaluation of the Adaptivity of a Continuous Review Inventory Control Model/ASLI SENCER ERDEM and NURI BASOGLU -- SESSION 6-3: SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE ENGINEERING -- Performance Engineering Based on UML and SPNs: A Software Performance Tool/JUAN PABLO LOPEZ-GRAO, JOSE MERSEGUER, and JAVIER CAMPOS -- Extending MASCOT to a Component-Based Software Performance Engineering Methodology/ONOFRE MUNAR, CARLOS JUIZ, and RAMON PUIGJANER -- Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation Using Process Algebra/ADELMALEK BENZEKRI -- Modeling Nodes of Communication Networks at the Bit and Packet Levels/GERARDO RUBINO -- Author Index.


    Gelenbe, Erol