1st Edition

International Terrorism Challenge and Response

By Benjamin Netanyahu Copyright 1981
    394 Pages
    by Routledge

    383 Pages
    by Routledge

    In 1979, several world reknowned politicians, ambassadors, academicians, and journalists met at the Jerusalem Conference on Terrorism to discuss the origins, nature, and future of terrorism and to propose measures for combatting and defeating the international terror movements. This conference marked a turning point in the world's understanding of the problem of terrorism and what has to be done about it. This excellent collection of articles expressing a broad range of political opinion on terrorism makes available for the first time the contents of that conference.

    FOREWORD -- Opening Session -- THE FACE OF TERRORISM -- Preface -- OPENING REMARKS /Professor B. Netanyahu, Chairman -- THE THREAT AND THE RESPONSE /Shimon Peres, M.K. -- THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF TERRORISM /Paul Johnson -- THE TYRANNY OF TERRORISM /Hugh Fraser, M.P. -- TERRORISM AS A WEAPON IN INTERNATIONAL POLITICS Senator /Henry M. Jackson -- FREEDOM FIGHTERS AND TERRORISTS Prime Minister /Menachem Begin -- Second Session -- STATE SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM -- Preface -- OPENING REMARKS /Ambassador Chaim Herzog, Chairman -- THE ROOTS OF THE INVOLVEMENT /Professor Richard Pipes -- SOVIET SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM /Brian Crozier -- ARAB STATE SUPPORT FOR TERRORISM /Maj. Gen. Aharon Yariv -- OVERCOMING THE CLIMATE OF APPEASEMENT /Lord Chalfont -- THE STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK Dr. Ray S. Cline -- Questions and Answers -- Third Session -- THE THREAT POSED BY TERRORISM TO DEMOCRATIC SOCIETIES -- Preface -- OPENING REMARKS /Ambassador Gideon Rafael, Chairman -- TERRORISM VERSUS DEMOCRACY /Senator John C. Danforth -- THE THREAT OF TERRORISM IN A BROADER CONCEPT /David Barrett -- THE TERRORIST STATE /Robert Moss -- THE ARAB WORLD, OIL AND TERRORISM /Professor Mordecai Abir -- THE SPECTRE OF NUCLEAR TERRORISM /Professor Edward Teller -- CAN NUCLEAR TERRORISM BE NEUTRALIZED? /Professor Thomas C. Schelling -- Questions and Answers -- Fourth Session -- CURRENT RESPONSE OF DEMOCRATIC SOCIETIES -- Preface -- OPENING REMARKS /Ambassador Asher Ben-Natan, Chairman -- THE DUTCH RESPONSE /Joop den Uyl, M.P. -- PUBLIC OPINION, INTELLECTUALS AND TERRORISM IN WESTERN EUROPE /Professor Annie Kriegel -- THE IRISH RESPONSE /Frank Cluskey, M.P. -- THE UNSEEN HAND /Representative Jack Kemp -- ITALIAN RESPONSES /Piero Luigi Vigna -- DEMOCRACY AND TERRORISM /Bayard Rustin -- CALCULATING THE PUBLIC INTEREST /George Will -- Questions and Answers -- Fifth Session -- TERRORISM AND THE MEDIA -- Preface -- THE CASE OF WEST GERMANY /Gerhard Lowenthal -- CAGING THE BEASTS /Michael Elkins -- THE SUBTLE COLLUSION /Norman Podhoretz -- THE NEED FOR CLARITY /Midge Decter -- A POLITICS OF FREEDOM IS THE ANSWER /Ben Wattenberg -- LIBERTY OR LICENSE? /Jacques Soustelle -- Questions and Answers -- Sixth Session -- PROPOSED COUNTERMEASURES FOR THE DEMOCRATIC WORLD -- Preface -- OPENING REMARKS /Justice Meir Shamgar, Chairman -- TERROR IN IRELAND AND BRITAIN’S RESPONSE /Merlyn Rees, M.P. -- MAINTAINING THE BALANCE /Harry van den Bergh, M.P. -- PROTECTING THE AIRWAYS /Mordecai Ben-Ari -- LEGAL MEASURES TO CONTROL TERRORISM IN DEMOCRACIES Professor Joseph W. Bishop -- PRE-EMPTING TERROR Dr. Hans Josef Horchem -- FIGHTING TERROR WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL FRAMEWORK /Ambassador Manlio Brosio -- “NO” TO TERRORISM IN ANY GUISE Eric Blumenfeld, Member of Bundestag -- Closing Session -- THE CHALLENGE TO FREE MEN -- Preface -- OPENING REMARKS /Lord Chalfont, Chairman -- TERRORISM AND THE GULAG /Lane Kirkland, President, AFL-CIO -- THE U.S. AND THE FIGHT AGAINST INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM /Ambassador George Bush -- THE PREFERRED ROUTE /Maj. Gen. George J. Keegan, Jr. -- THE MYTH AND THE REALITY OF THE PLO /Maj. Gen. Shlomo Gazit -- THE CURSE OF COMPLICITY /Vladimir Bukovsky -- LORD CHALFONT’S CLOSING REMARKS -- CONFERENCE SUMMARY STATEMENT -- INDEX


    Benjamin Netanyahu recently completed his term as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. Formerly he was professor emeritus of Judaic studies at Cornell University and currently director of The Jonathan Institute. He is author of numerous books and studies in the field of medieval and modern Jewish history.