1st Edition

International Trade and the Environment

Edited By Judith M. Dean Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2002: The interrelationship between international trade and the environment has become the subject of much heated debate. These complex and strong concerns are given voice in this comprehensive and accessible text that brings together the leading journal articles dealing with the fundamental questions about this most important international problem. International Trade and the Environment offers an invaluable source of contemporary international research for all those researching, studying or practicing across the fields of international trade, environmental economics, applied microeconomics and other related areas.

    Contents: Environmental Externalities, Comparative Advantage, and Optimal Policy Choice: Environmental Abundance and Comparative Advantage: Environmental quality and the gains from trade, Horst Siebert; Pollution, welfare, and environmental policy in the theory of comparative advantage, Rüdiger Pethig; Regulation, factor awards and international trade, Martin C. McGuire. Optimal Policies, Piecemeal Reform, Strategic responses: Environmental regulation in an open economy, Kerry Krutilla; International trade and the environment: policy reform in a polluted small open economy, Brian R. Copeland; Strategic environmental policy and international trade, Scott Barrett; On ecological dumping, Michael Rauscher. Environmental Regulations and Loss of Competitiveness: Environmental control costs and border adjustments, Charles Pearson; The pollution content of American trade, Ingo Walter; International competitive displacement from environmental control: the quantitative gains from methodological refinement, John H. Mutti and J. David Richardson; Industrial pollution abatement: the impact on the balance of trade, H. David Robinson; The effects of domestic environmental policies on patterns of world trade: an empirical test, James A. Tobey. Trade Liberalization, Environmental damage, and Developing Countries: Trade Liberalization, Environment and Welfare: North-South trade and the environment, Brian C. Copeland and M. Scott Taylor; The environment as a factor of production: the effects of economic growth and trade liberalization, Ramón Lopez; North-South trade and the global environment, Graciela Chichilnisky; Open access renewable resources: trade and trade policy in a 2-country model, James A. Brander and M. Scott Taylor; Export bans, environmental protection, and unemployment, Judith M. Dean and Shubhashis Gangopadhyay. Freer Trade and Pollution Havens: Competition in regional environmental policies when plant locations are endogenous, James R. Markusen, Edward R. Morey and Nancy Olewiler; Trade policy and industrial pollution in Latin America: where are the pollution havens?, Nancy Birdsall and David Wheeler; The environment and welfare implications of trade and tax policy, Hiro Lee and David Roland-Holst. Trade and Transboundary Pollution: Non-cooperative Analyses of Transborder Pollution and Trade Policy: International externalities and optimal tax structures, James R. Markusen; Cross-border externalities and trade liberalization: the strategic control of pollution, Rodney D. Ludema and Ian Wooton; Trade and transboundary pollution, Brian C. Copeland and M. Scott Taylor. Trade Restrictions and Coordination of Environmental Policy: Should a carbon tax be differentiated across sectors?, Michael Hoel; The strategy of trade sanctions in international environmental agreements, Scott Barrett. Transborder Pollution Controls, Trade, and Welfare: The impact of selected abatement strategies on transnational pollution, the terms of trade, and factor rewards: a general equilibrium approach, John D. Merrifield; Cutting CO2 emissions: the effects of alternative policy approaches, John Whalley and Randall M. Wigle; International trade and environmental quality: how important are the linkages?, Carlo Perroni and Randle M. Wigle; Reducing coal subsidies and trade barriers: their contribution to greenhouse gas abatement, Kym Anderson and Warwick J. McKibbin; Index.


    Judith M. Dean

    'This timely book deals with the relationship between international trade and the environment, and addresses the questions: does the presence of environmental damage erode the gains from trade, or imply that trade reduces welfare?' International Journal of Environment and Pollution