1st Edition

International Turf Management Handbook

By David Aldous Copyright 1999
    360 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Grasslands take up approximately one-quarter of the world's vegetative cover. Turfgrasses protect the land from erosion, stabilize the soil, moderate the temperature and provide low cost safe surfacing for many sporting and leisure activities. Amenity grasslands - and turf in particular - do more than form a significant part of the global landscape. They make up the basis of a multimillion dollar industry. International Turf Management Handbook covers the establishment, maintenance, and management of natural turfgrass surfaces.
    This handbook is arranged in four sections. The first section details the identification and selection of turfgrasses, how they grow, and their maintenance. The second section focuses on the management and administration of the turfgrass business. The third section addresses current standards and their use to effectively manage different surfaces such as bowling, croquet and golf greens, grass tennis courts, cricket tables, football and athletic fields, racetracks, and golf fairways. The final section discusses important environmental issues in turf management, including water resources, pesticides and fertilizers.
    Developed in association with more than 20 leading turf management authorities, the International Turf Management Handbook details the how the natural turfgrass surface functions. It explores strategies that blend biodiveristy and sustainability with the business of maintaining turf. It is essential reading for agriculture, horticulture, and natural resource professionals, and land managers.

    Turfgrass Growth and Development
    Introduction to Turfgrass Science and Management, D.E. Aldous
    Turfgrass Identification and Selection, D.E. Aldous and P.S. Semos
    Turfgrass Growth and Physiology, D.E. Aldous and J.R. Wilson
    Turfgrass Soils and Drainage, K. McIntyre and B. Jakobsen
    Turfgrass Establishment, Revegetation and Renovation, H. Liebao and D.E. Aldous
    Turfgrass Construction Materials and Methods, B. Jakobsen and D. K. McIntyre
    Turfgrass Irrigation, G.J. Connellan
    Turfgrass Nutrition and Fertilizers, S.T. Cockerham and D.D. Minner
    Turfgrass Machinery and Equipment Operation, R.G. Lettner
    Turfgrass Plant Health and Protection, D.E. Aldous and J.S. Brereton
    Business and Administration, Contract Development and Management
    Turfgrass Facility Business and Administration, R. Witherspoon
    Contract Establishment, V.A. Haining
    Contract Management, V.A. Haining
    The Measurement of Performance Indicators in Managing Different Cultural Systems
    The Playing Quality of Turfgrass Sports Surfaces, S.W. Baker
    Prescription Surface Development: Golf Course Management, P. Ryan
    Prescription Surface Development: Lawn Bowling Green, Croquet Lawns and Tennis Courts, G.W. Beehag
    Prescription Surface Development: Sportsfield and Arena Management, J.J. Neylan. D.J. McGeary, and M.R. Robinson
    Prescription Surface Development: Racetrack Management, I.H. Chivers
    Prescription Surface Development: Cricket Wicket Management, K.W. McAuliffe
    Environmental Issues Facing the Contemporary Land Manager
    Environmental Issues in Turf Management, J.T. Snow and M.P. Kenna


    David Aldous