1st Edition

International e-Conference of Computer Science 2006 Additional Papers from ICNAAM 2006 and ICCMSE 2006

By Theodore Simos, Georgios Psihoyios Copyright 2007
    584 Pages
    by CRC Press

    584 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Lecture Series on Computer and on Computational Sciences (LSCCS) aims to provide a medium for the publication of new results and developments of high-level research and education in the field of computer and computational science.

    In this series, only selected proceedings of conferences in all areas of computer science and computational sciences will be published. All publications are aimed at top researchers in the field and all papers in the proceedings volumes will be strictly peer reviewed.

    The series aims to cover the following areas of computer and computational sciences:

    Computer Science

    • Hardware
    • Computer Systems Organization
    • Software
    • Data
    • Theory of Computation
    • Mathematics of Computing
    • Information Systems
    • Computing Methodologies
    • Computer Applications
    • Computing Milieu

    Computational Sciences

    • Computational Mathematics, Theoretical and Computational Physics, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
    • Scientific Computation
    • Numerical and Computational Algorithms, Modeling and Simulation of Complex System, Web-Based Simulation and Computing, Grid-Based Simulation and Computing
    • Fuzzy Logic, Hybrid Computational Methods, Data Mining and Information Retrieval and Virtual Reality, Reliable Computing, Image Processing, Computational Science and Education

    Use of Scenarios for Generating Dynamic Execution Workflows over the Grid within the Grid-TLSE Project

    Lightweight Fault-tolerant Message Passing System for Parallel and Distributed Applications

    Toward Superlative H.264 Video Encoding Quality through Optimised Initial Rate Derivation

    A Hybrid Photoelastic Stress Analysis around Holes in Tensile-Loaded Plates Using Isochromatic Data and Finite Element Method

    An Edge Enhanced Error Concealment Algorithm for H.264

    A Computational Algorithm to Obtain the Law of the Solvable Lie Algebra of nXn Upper-Triangular Matrices

    Web Data Extraction using Semantic Generators

    Integrity-Enhanced Improvements for ISO 9001 Registered Organizations

    A Ghost Bit-Based Finite Field Arithmetic for FPGAs

    A Scalable Finite Field Multiplier with Interleaving Reduction

    A Visual Musical Structural Analysis System for Browsing Music Interactively

    Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Convex Geometries

    Toward Operational Content Infrastructure

    A Computational Fusion of Wavelets and Neural Networks in a Classifier for Biomedical Applications

    IP Core opd_Ethernet v1.02.a for Firewall Architectures

    Minimal Extension of a Communication Network to Meet an End-to End Delay Constraint

    A Speech-to Speech Translation User Interface

    AhCon:An Automated HTML Converter Supporting Frames for the Wireless Internet

    Image Recognition and Retrieval Using an Invariant Schema Based on Principal Component Vector Analysis

    Optimization of Energy Absorption and Dissipation of Composites

    Improved Time-Varying Parametric Estimation by RGA

    Moving Target Indicator Using Neural Networks

    Humanoid Robot Walking on a Slope and its Pattern Analysis Using Support Vector Machines

    Noise Level Evaluation of 2-D Observation Matrix after Recovery of Missing Data

    On the Number of Mincuts in Generalized Fibonacci Graphs of Degree 3

    A Posteriori Error Control in Terms of Linear Functionals with Applications to Fracture Mechanics

    A Structured Knowlwdge Environment for AKBMS

    An Intelligent Methodology to Predict Temperature Distribution of a Chip with Non-Uniform Power Sources

    Discovery Biological Associations between Genes in Bladder Cancer

    SGNIDS (Signeture-Graph based Network Intrusion Detection System) Design with NMS (Network Monitoring System) using SNMP

    PEMS, a Periodic Multi-Step Routing Algorithm for DS-TE

    Computability of Continuous and Discontinuous Real Recursive Functions

    Qos-Driven Selection of Web Services (Extended Abstract)

    Implementation of Iterative Recursion for the Data Retrieval from Directed Acyclic Word Graphs

    Combining a Fuzzy Logic Engine and a Neural Network to Develop an Embedded Audio Synthesizer

    Orthogonal Variant Moments in Computer Vision

    Hidden Edges in Graph Coloring

    Improvement Probabilities in State Dependent Routing for Dynamic Irregular Traffic's Network

    An Agent-based National Electricity Market Simulator as a Long Term Decision Support Tool

    Study of Parameter Identification using Hybrid Neural-Genetic Algorithm in Electro-Hydraulic Servo System

    Feature Recognition Technique from 2D Ship Drawing Using Fuzzy Inference System

    Redundancy Optimization of Group Peers in P2P Grid Computing

    AI Techniques for Automatic Learning Design

    Estimation of Signals from Nonlinear Uncertain Observations using Covariance Information

    Fixed-point Smoothing from Uncertain Observations via Mixtures Approximations

    An Incremental Log Analysis Based on Recent Section

    A Support Tool for Rapid Software Process Assessment

    Numerical Simulation of Metallic Deformation Processes: Stretching and Extrusion Including Friction

    Bayesian Networks Applied to the Evaluation of Ceramic and Paper Quality of Kaolin

    On the Hausdorff Fuzzy Quasi-Metric and Computational Sciences

    Information Exchange among Abductive Logic-Based Agents

    A Bayesian Approach for Small Information Trust Updates

    Improved Synchronous Scheme Based on a Readaptive Audio Watermarking Scheme

    An Architecture Design for Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring System

    Vision-Based Ego-Motion Computing for Intelligent Vehicles

    Software-Based Verification and Validation of IEC Standard Programmable Logic Controller

    Application of Advanced Filtering Algorithm for Measuring Micro Burrs

    Online Communities and Online Repositories: Improving Digital Libraries by Collaborative Ontology-Based Filtering

    A Reliable Method for the Analysis of the Visual Perceptions Induced by Stimulation of the Human Visual Cortex with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

    Measuring Complexity of Remote Component-Based Software System Toward Maintainability Estimation

    Wavelet Support Vector Machine for Machine Faults Classification

    Dynamic Production Scheduling and Control Based on MAS and System Development

    Mechanical Product Design System Based on Knowledge Fusion and Intelligent Navigation

    Integrated PDA-based Portable Diagnosis for Elevators

    Eye Feature Extraction Based on Gray Information and Harris Corner

    A Packet-Loss Endurable Authentication Mechanism for IPv6 Mobile Multicast Network

    Design and Implementation of a Secure Execution Environment for Mobile Agent

    Reducing Multi-agent Planning Domains Using Domain Knowledge via Model Checking

    Removal of Occlusion and Reflection using Adaptive Rank Filter for Robust Template Matching


    Theodore Simos, Georgios Psihoyios