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1st Edition

International e-Conference on Computer Science (IeCCS 2005)

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ISBN 9789067644259
Published October 28, 2005 by CRC Press
196 Pages

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Book Description

The aim of IeCCS 2005, which was held in May 2005, was to bring together leading scientists of the international Computer Science community and to attract original research papers. This volume in the Lecture Series on Computer and Computational Sciences contains the extended abstracts of the presentations. The topics covered included (but were not limited to): Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computation, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Software, Programming Techniques and Languages, Parallel Algorithms and its Applications, Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation, Analysis of Algorithms, Problem Complexity, Mathematical Logic, Formal Languages, Data Structures, Data Bases, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Simulation and Modeling, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Image Processing, Computer Applications, Hardware, Computer Systems Organization, Software, Data, Theory of Computation, Mathematics of Computing, Information Systems, Computing Methodologies, Computer Applications, Computing Milieu

Table of Contents

Ehab Abdel Maksoudand Reda A. Ammar /Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms for Stochastic Tasks in a Distributed Multiproce* Environments -- A. Aral and H. Erbay /Approximating by Szasz-Type Operators -- T.K. Bjelland /Implicit Versus Explicit Classification: Excerpts From a Concept Analysis of Classification -- Zhong-Yi Cai and Ming-Zhe Li /Smoothing Finite-Element Method for the Reconstruction of Surface from 3D Scattered Data -- T. Chen, Guei-Sian Peng and Hsin-Chieh Wu /An Online Collaborative Stock Management Mechanism for Multiple E-retailers -- Taolue Chen, Tingting and Han Jian Lu /Symbolic Semantics for Weak Open Bisimulation in n -calculus -- T. Chen Hsin-Chieh Wu /A Fuzzy Set Approach for Analyzing Customer RFM Data -- Taolue Chen, Tingting Han and Jian Lu Towards A Bisimulation Congruence for ROAM -- R. L. Corral, R. Colas, A. Perez /Modelling Heat Transfer in Work Rolls of a Continuous Hot Strip Mill. Part II: Operating Conditions -- Milind Engedy, Munaga. V. N. K Prasad and Ashutosh Saxena /Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Based Attack on Different Watermarking Schemes -- H. Erbay /Updating TULV Decomposition -- G. Farias, M. Santos /Analysis of the Wavelet Transform Parameters in Images Processing -- Wang Guixiang, Li Youming and Zhao Chunhui /The properties of the Zadeh extension of loga x -- Cheng Heming, Jin Min and Xie Jianbin /Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field 9SiCr Alloy Steel During Gas Quenching -- C Y. Ho /Monte Carlo Method for Simulation of a Laser Beam Propagating in a Cavity with Specular and Diffuse Components of Reflection -- Lijun Hou, Heming Cheng And Jianyun Li /Numerical Simulation of Temperature Field for T10 Steel during High Pressure Gas Quenching -- Huying, Cheng Heming and Li Ziliang /Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow through a Water-Turbine Spiral Casing -- Jun-Cheol Jeon, Kee-Won Kim and Kee-Young Yoo /Dynamic Delegation using Privilege Storage in Centralized Administration -- Kee-Won Kim, Jun-Cheol Jeon, Kee-Young Yoo /Efficient and Secure User Identification Scheme based on ID-based Cryptosystem -- Jongwan Kim and Chong-Sun Hwang /Evaluation of Success Factors in Mobile Commerce Using the AHP Techniques -- S. Korotov /A Posteriori Error Estimation of Quantities of Interest for the Linear Elasticity Problems -- Costas D. Koutras, Christos Nomikos and Pavlos Peppas /If I know it then it can't be false (and if it's true then it is not impossible) -- G. Psihoyios /A Multistep Block Scheme for the Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations -- F. Rodenas, P. Mayo, D. Ginestar and G. Verdu /Differential Entropy Approximations and Diffusive Restoration of Digital Images -- J. Rodriguez-Lopez, S. Romaguera and O. Valero /Asymptotic Complexity of Algorithms via the Nonsymmetric Hausdorff Distance -- Guo Rongxin, LI Junchang and Xiong Bingheng /Numerical Computation and Experimental Study of the stress field of En-echelon Cracks -- J.L. Salmeron and J.M. Hurtado /Modelling Business to Consumer Systems Adoption -- J. L. Salmeron and V. A. Banuls /Detecting IS /IT Future Trends: An Analysis of Technology Foresight Processes Around the World -- Jose L. Sameron and M. Baldomero Ramirez /Modelling Success in Information Technology Projects J.L. Salmeron and Salvador /Bueno An Isomorphic-Based Model in IT /IS Assimilation -- Yanet Rodriguez Sarabia, Xiomara Cabrera Bermudez, Rafael Jesus Falcon Martinez, -- Zenaida Herrera Rodriguez, Ana M. Contreras Moya, Maria Matilde Garcia Lorenzo /Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Model Applied to Wastewater Treatment -- Yu Xiong and Daizhong Su /Resource Packing to Fit Grid Infrastructure -- Z. S. Xu /A Procedure Based on Synthetic Projection Model for Multiple Attribute Decision Making in Uncertain Setting -- Z S. Xu /A Method for Fuzzy Decision Making Problem with Triangular Fuzzy Complementary Judgment Matrix -- Z 5. Xu /Maximizing Deviations Procedure for Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making under Linguistic Environment -- Rong-Jou Yang, Hann-Jang Ho and Jack Lee /Multicast Routing Path Selection in Fiber-optic Ring Networks: A Simulation Study -- Chang N. Zhang and Xiang Xiao /A Table Look-Up Pipelined Multiplication - Accumulation Co-processor for H.264 -- Computers & Security Special Session -- Nicolas klavos /Introduction -- M. Shahraki /Implementation Aspects of Rijndael Encryption Algorithm -- H.E.Michail, A.P.Kakarountas, A.Milidonis, C.E.Goutis /Low Power and High Throughput Implementation of SHA-256 Hash Function -- N.A. Moldovyan and A A. Moldovyan /Switchable Data-Dependent Operations: New Designs -- Abdoul Rjouband Lo'ai A. Tawalbeh /A Low Power, High Frequency and High Precision Multiplier Architecture in GF(P) -- N. A. Moldovyan, A. A. Moldovyan, and N. Sklavos /A New 64-Bit Cipher for Efficient Implementation Using Constrained FPGA Resources -- P. Kitsos and N. Sklavos /A Reconfigurable Linear Feedback Shift Register Architecture for Cryptographic Applications.

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