1st Edition

Internationalization of the RMB Currency Strategy in the "Belt and Road" Construction

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages 49 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Renminbi (RMB) internationalization and the “One Belt One Road” initiative are two important development strategies launched by China. From the perspectives of theoretical exploration, historical experience, and empirical research, this book discusses how the two strategies interact with each other. To start with, it introduces the current situation of RMB internationalization and the history of the Silk Road. Then it examines the mutual benefit relationship between the two strategies, emphasizing that commodity pricing and account settlement, infrastructure finance, industry development zone construction, and cross-border e-commerce should be the key to RMB internationalization.

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    Chapter 1 Internationalization Index of the Renminbi

    Chapter 2 Current Situation of the Internationalization of RMB

    Chapter 3 The Silk Road: From the Past to the Future

    Chapter 4 The "Belt and Road" Initiative and RMB’s Internationalization: Reciprocity

    Chapter 5 Choice on the Pricing Currency for the "Belt and Road" Traded Products

    Chapter 6 RMB in the Infrastructure Finance of the Belt and Road Initiative

    Chapter 7 Using Industrial Parks to Promote RMB’s Internationalization

    Chapter 8 Supporting RMB’s Internationalization by E-commerce

    Chapter 9 Conclusions and Proposals

    Appendix 1 Helping Domestic Corporations "Go Out" with Financial Supports under the "Belt and Road" Initiative

    Appendix 2 Offshore RMB Deposits, Loans, and Dim Sum Bonds: Review and Prospect

    Appendix 3 International Comparison of Tax Policy in the Belt and Road Economies - based on the Five Central Asian Countries along the Silk Road

    Appendix 4 Timeline of RMB Internationalization 2014




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