Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi and Arduino  book cover
1st Edition

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

ISBN 9781032085982
Published June 30, 2021 by CRC Press
208 Pages 128 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book provides a platform to understand Internet of things with Raspberry Pi and the basic knowledge of the programming and interfacing of the devices and designed systems. It broadly covers introduction to Internet of Things and enabling technologies, interfacing with Raspberry Pi and Arduino and interfacing with Raspberry Pi GPIO. Internet of Things with Raspberry pi and Arduino is aimed at senior undergraduate, graduate students and professionals in electrical engineering, computer engineering including robotics.

Table of Contents

Section A


1. Introduction to Internet of Things

1.1 Characteristics of IoT

1.2 Design principles of IoT

1.3 IoT Architecture and Protocols

1.4 Enabling Technologies for IoT

1.5 IoT levels

1.6 IoT vs M2M

2. Sensors

2.1 Classification of Sensors

2.2 Working Principle of Sensors

2.3 Criteria to choose a Sensor

2.4 Generation of Sensors

3. IoT Design Methodology

3.1 Design methodology

3.2 Challenges in IoT Design

3.3 IoT System Management

3.4 IoT Servers

Section B

Basics of Arduino and Raspberry Pi

4. Basics of Arduino

4.1 Introduction to Arduino

4.2 Arduino IDE

4.3 Basic Commands for Arduino

4.4 Play with LED and Arduino

4.5 Play with LCD with Arduino

5. Basics of Raspberry Pi

5.1 Introduction to Raspberry pi

5.2 Installation of NOOBS on SD Card

5.3 Installation of Raspbian on SD Card

5.4 Terminal Commands

5.5 Installation of Libraries on Raspberry Pi

5.6 Getting the static IP address of Raspberry Pi

5.7 Run a Program on Raspberry Pi

5.8 Installing the Remote Desktop Server

5.9 Pi Camera

5.10 Face Recognition using Raspberry Pi

5.11 Installation of I2C driver on Raspberry Pi

5.12 SPI (serial peripheral interface) with Raspberry Pi

5.13 Programming a Raspberry Pi

5.14 Play with LED and Raspberry Pi

5.15 Reading the digital input

5.16 Reading an edge triggered input

5.17 Interfacing of Relay with Raspberry Pi

5.18 Interfacing of Relay with Raspberry Pi

5.19 Interfacing of LCD with Raspberry Pi

5.20 Interfacing LCD with Raspberry Pi in I2C mode

5.21 Interfacing of DHT11 sensor with Raspberry Pi

5.22 Interfacing of ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi

5.23 Interfacing of camera with Raspberry pi

Section C

Interfacing with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

6. Raspberry Pi and Arduino

6.1 Install Arduino IDE on Raspberry Pi

6.2 Play with Digital Sensor

6.3 Play with Analog Sensor

6.4 Play with Actuators

6.5 Python and Arduino with Pyfirmata

7. Python and Arduino with Pyfirmata

7.1 Python with Arduino

7.2 Controlling the Arduino with Python

7.3 Play with LED

7.4 Reading an Arduino Digital Input with Pyfirmata

7.5 Reading flame sensor with Pyfirmata

7.6 Reading an Analog Input with Pyfirmata

7.7 Reading temperature sensor with Pyfirmata

7.8 Line following robot with Pyfirmata

8. Python GUI with Tkinter and Arduino

8.1 Tkinter for GUI design

8.2 LED Blink

8.3 LED brightness control

8.4 Selection from multiple options

8.5 Reading a PIR sensor

8.6 Reading an Analog Sensor

9. Data Acquisition with Python and Tkinter

9.1 Basics

9.2 CSV file

9.3 Storing Arduino data with CSV file

9.4 Plotting random numbers using matplotlib

9.5 Plotting real-time from Arduino

9.6 Integrating the plots in the Tkinter window

Section D

Connecting to the Cloud

10. Smart IoT Systems

10.1 DHT11 Data Logger with ThingSpeak Server

10.2 Ultrasonic Sensor Data Logger with ThingSpeak Server

10.3 Air Quality Monitoring System and Data Logger with ThingSpeak Server

10.4 Landslide Detection and Disaster Management System

10.5 Smart Motion Detector and Upload Image to

11. Blynk Application with Raspberry Pi

11.1 Introduction to Blynk

11.2 Creating new project with Blynk

11.3 Home Appliance Control with Blynk App

12. Cayenne Application with Raspberry Pi

12.1 Introduction to Cayenne

12.2 LED blink with Cayenne App


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