1st Edition

Interpretation In Teaching V 8

By John Constable, I. A. Richards Copyright 2002
    512 Pages
    by Routledge

    510 Pages
    by Routledge

    Part of the Selected Works by I.A. Richards 1919-1938, Volume 8 out of ten, focuses on the interpretation in teaching from 1938. The earliest work towards Interpretation in Teaching dates from 1928. With Practical Criticism substantially completed Richards was planning revisions to his courses and new directions to his writing, which was increasingly moving away from the subject of poetry.

    Introduction Part One: Rhetoric Chapter One: Simple Sense Chapter Two: The Scope of Metaphor Chapter Three: Love and the Motor Car Chapter Four: Motivation A First Landing Stage and a Recommendation Chapter Five: The Fidelity of a Translation Chapter Six: General Attitudes Preventing Approach! Chapter Seven: Detailed Problems of Interpretation: Tenor and Vehicle M5 Chapter Eight: The Influence of Theories Chapter Nine: ‘Definite' The Application of these Distinctions to the Protocols The Second Landing Stage Part Two: Grammar Chapter Ten: What is Grammar? Chapter Eleven: Basic English in the Study of Interpretation Chapter Twelve: Elementary Difficulties in Reading Chapter Thirteen: What Thought about Language Should not be Like Chapter Fourteen: Natural Connections of Sound and Sense Chapter Fifteen: The Doctrine of Usage Chapter Sixteen: The Teaching of Doctrine Chapter Seventeen: Grammar and Logic The Third Landing Stage Part Three: Logic Chapter Eighteen: The Interpretation of is Chapter Nineteen: Some Senses of is Chapter Twenty: T ru e by Definition* Chapter Twenty-one: Logical Machinery and Empty Words Chapter Twenty-two: Logical Machinery: Some Uses Chapter Twenty-three: The Essential and the Accidental, and the Freedom in Definition, The Final Landing Stage