1st Edition

Interpretation in Jungian Analysis Art and Technique

By Mark Winborn Copyright 2019
    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    An American Board & Academy of Psychoanalysis Book Prize Finalist 2019!

    Analytic interpretation is fundamental to the process of psychoanalysis, Jungian analysis, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Interpretation is the medium by which the psychoanalytic art form is transmitted. What one chooses to say in analysis, why one chooses it, how one says it, when one says it; these are the building blocks of the interpretive process and the focus of Interpretation in Jungian Analysis: Art and Technique.

    This volume is the first of its kind in the literature of analytical psychology. Until now, the process of interpretation has been addressed only briefly in general Jungian texts. Interpretation in Jungian Analysis provides an in-depth exploration of the process, including the history of analytic technique, the role of language in analytic therapy, the poetics and metaphor of interpretation, and the relationship between interpretation and the analytic attitude. In addition, the steps involved with the creation of clear, meaningful, and transformative interpretations are plainly outlined. Throughout the book, clinical examples and reader exercises are provided to deepen the learning experience. The influence of the Jungian perspective on the interpretative process is outlined, as are the use of analytic reverie and confrontation during the analytic process.

    In addition to the historical, technical, and theoretic aspects of interpretation, this book also focuses on the artistic and creative elements that are often overlooked in the interpretive process. Ultimately, cultivating fluidity within the interpretive process is essential to engaging the depth and complexity of the psyche. Interpretation in Jungian Analysis will be of great interest to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists of all theoretical orientations and will be essential reading for students of analytical psychology.


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    1. Analytic Technique and Interpretation
    2. Technique in Analytical Psychology

    3. Foundations of Transformational Discourse: Language, Metaphor, and Poetics in Interpretation
    4. The Interpretive Cycle
    5. The Analytic Attitude and Its Underlying Principles
    6. The Interpretive Process
    7. Categories of Interpretation
    8. Jungian Perspectives on Interpretation
    9. Reverie in Interpretation
    10. Confrontation and Interpretation
    11. Fluidity and Consolidation


    Appendix: Research on Interpretation




    Mark Winborn is a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice in Memphis, USA. He is a training analyst of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, and an author of several books on Jungian psychoanalysis. He lectures nationally and internationally on analytic technique and comparative psychoanalysis.

    "Mark Winborn’s highly readable book fills a critical gap in Jungian writing on the practice of analysis. His account of the function of interpretation in Jungian analysis is both comprehensive and sensitive to the subtle nuances of clinical dialogue. He covers the topic thoroughly and adds original insights based on his extensive clinical experience. This work is destined to become one of the basic texts for training contemporary Jungian psychoanalysts." --Murray Stein, Ph.D., author of Jungian Psychoanalysis, Jung’s Map of the Soul and Transformation; former President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology

    "This comprehensive exploration of mainstream Jungian and Freudian perspectives on the place of interpretation in the therapeutic process offers readers of all analytic schools and levels of experience a comprehensive explication of the transformational role of interpretation in analytic therapy. Winborn more than fulfils his goal of "blending the deep understanding of archetype, symbol and metaphor from the Jungian tradition with competence in psychoanalytic technique ... creating a powerful therapeutic amalgam."" --Howard B. Levine, faculty for the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England East and the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis; author and editor of many psychoanalytic works

    "Mark Winborn must be congratulated for his achievement in examining and reappraising the role of interpretation in Jungian analysis and thus addressing a lamentable lacuna in the field. It is no dry study, but a generous, rich, robust, and immensely practical book, taking us to the improvisational heart of the interpretive moment. Its scope is comprehensive and, as well as being thorough and well-referenced, it interrogates the foundations of analytic practice. It will serve as an essential resource for many years to come." --Marcus West, UK Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Analytical Psychology; author of Into the Darkest Places

    "This is a landmark contribution to the field of analytical psychology – the first book solely devoted to the techne (art and craft) of interpretation. Mark Winborn has skillfully integrated psychoanalytic thinking with a Jungian approach to produce a thorough, detailed and engaging opus deeply grounded in clinical practice. It will be invaluable to Jungian trainees across the world while offering valuable clarification and refreshment to even the most experienced clinicians." --Warren Colman, former UK Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Analytical Psychology; author of Act and Image