1st Edition

Interpreting Projective Drawings A Self-Psychological Approach

By Marvin Leibowitz Copyright 1999
    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    The use of drawings to discover emotions, attitudes, and personality traits not verbally stated by a client is a valuable and widely used technique in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. In this book, the author offers a highly practical introduction to the use and interpretation of projective drawings. Grounding his approach in self psychology, Dr. Leibowitz provides detailed information on how to interpret house, tree, man, woman, and animal drawings. By pairing clinical case examples with general interpretation guidelines, the book offers a thorough examination of projective drawings, making it a valuable text for beginners and an important reference source for the seasoned clinician.

    Interpreting Projective Drawings contains an impressive array of drawings, with over 175 total illustrations. Almost half of these drawings are from comprehensive case studies that follow adult patients from the beginning phase of treatment to their one-year (or more) status. These include over 30 chromatic illustrations that clearly demonstrate the importance of color in projective drawing interpretation.

    In addition to detailed information on how to interpret these five types of achromatic and chromatic drawings, the book also contains an appendix that offers examiner instructions, instructions for self-administration, and adjective lists to aid in interpretation. Together, these components make Interpreting Projective Drawings an essential resource for any mental health professional interested in using drawings to their fullest effect in their practice.

    Using Projective Drawings in Practice - Impressionistic Analysis. Examples of Impressionistic Analysis -The House, The Tree. The Persons. The Animal. Structural Analysis - The House. An Example of a Structural Analysis of the House. Structural Analysis - The Tree. An Example of a Structural Analysis of the Tree.Structural Analysis - The Persons. An Example of a Structural Analysis of The Persons. Structural Analysis -The Animal. An Example of a Structural Analysis of the Animal. The Vertical Split as seen in Projective Drawings. A Complete Impressionistic and Structural Analysis. Appendix A - Examiner Instructions. Instructions for Self Administration. Appendix B - The Adjective Lists House Tree Male/Female.


    Marvin Leibowitz

    "[The] author of Interpreting Projective Drawings deserves praise [for addressing the issues of the lack of established norms and no consistent underlying theoretical framework in] the use of this sometimes criticized by ultimately time-honored, technique. [The] book is relatively brief, easy to read and not obsessively detailed . . . [and] although aimed primarily at practicing psychologists, psychoanalysts . . . will also find this volume informative and useful." -- The Psychoanalytic Quarterly