1st Edition

Interpretive Solutions for Dynamic Structures Through ABAQUS Finite Element Packages

    312 Pages 415 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    ABAQUS software is a general-purpose finite element simulation package mainly used for numerically solving a wide variety of design engineering problems; however, its application to simulate the dynamic structures within the civil engineering domain is highly complicated. Therefore, this book aims to present specific complicated and puzzling challenges encountered in the application of Finite Element Method (FEM) for solving the problems related to Structural Dynamics using ABAQUS software that can fully utilize this method in complex simulation and analysis. Various chapters of this book demonstrate the process for the modeling and analysis of impenetrable problems through simplified step-by-step illustration by presenting screenshots from ABAQUS software in each part/step and showing various graphs.


    • Focuses on solving problems related to Structural Dynamics using ABAQUS software
    • Helps to model and analyze the different types of structures under various dynamic and cyclic loads
    • Discusses the simulation of irregularly-shaped objects comprising several different materials with multipart boundary conditions
    • Includes the application of various load effects to develop structural models using ABAQUS software
    • Covers a broad array of applications such as bridges, offshores, dams, and seismic resistant systems

    Overall, this book is aimed at graduate students, researchers, and professionals in structural engineering, solid mechanics, and civil engineering.

    1. Development of Subroutines for ABAQUS Software  2. Evaluate Performance of Steel Wall in Structures Subjected to Cyclic Load  3. Performance of Reinforced-Concrete Frame with Embedded CFRP Rod Under Cyclic Load  4. Behavior of Precast Beam–Column Dowel Connection under Cyclic Loads  5. Simulation of the Preloaded Bolt Connection under Cyclic Loading  6. Beam–Column Connection Retrofitted with CFRP Sheets Subjected to Pushover Loading  7. Hollow Circular Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPFRC) Section under Lateral Cyclic Load  8. Modal Analysis of a Three-Story Building


    Farzad Hejazi is Associate Professor and Research Coordinator at Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Senior Visiting Academic in University of Sheffield. He received his PhD in Structural Engineering from University Putra Malaysia in 2011 and worked as postdoctoral fellow until 2012 and thereafter employed as a member of department of Civil Engineering, UPM. His specific field of expertise are Structural Engineering, Structural Dynamic, Reinforced concrete Structures, Vibration, Finite Element Method, Inelastic Analysis, Earthquake, Damper Device, Vibration Dissipation Systems, Active and Passive Structural Control Systems, Optimization, Computer Program Coding, Structure Simulation. Hojjat Mohammadi Esfahani received his bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at 2007 and his Master of Science in the same field of Mechanical Engineering at 2017. His main expert and focus area is Finite Element Simulation and he has more than 10 years’ experience in teaching and training of Finite Element Packages such as ABAQUS. Currently he is involving with many research and industry projects regarding simulation of complex and infrastructures by using ABAQUS Finite Element Software in Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University Putra Malaysia (UPM).