1st Edition

Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice Techne/Technique/Technology

Edited By Camille C Baker, Kate Sicchio Copyright 2017
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    242 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book focuses on the artistic process, creativity and collaboration, and personal approaches to creation and ideation, in making digital and electronic technology-based art. Less interested in the outcome itself – the artefact, artwork or performance – contributors instead highlight the emotional, intellectual, intuitive, instinctive and step-by-step creation dimensions. They aim to shine a light on digital and electronic art practice, involving coding, electronic gadgetry and technology mixed with other forms of more established media, to uncover the practice-as-research processes required, as well as the collaborative aspects of art and technology practice.


    Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett


    Camille Baker and Kate Sicchio

    Theme 1: Artistic process/challenges

    1. Intuition and Creative Process Methodologies in Digital Performance

    Camille Baker

    2. 60ma: experimenting with performing with electrodes/ experiences in digital art practice

    Georg Hobmeier

    3. The Bleeding Self in Digital Performance Practice: artistic challenges in digital media practice

    Lorna Moore

    4. Making Speculative Technologies

    Kristina Anderson

    5. Construction of processes to live audiovisual performance

    Ana Carvalho

    6. NO PLACE: Presence, Performance and Virtuality

    Kate Genevieve

    7. Imagination, Art and Reality

    Ben Bogart

    Theme 2: Collaborations

    8. Cultivating permaCultural resilience (pCr) : The permaCultural dérive as an Itinerant’s approach to a techne of becoming

    Anita McKoewn

    9. The Immanent Researcher

    Kate Sicchio

    10. Temporal Scaffolding: A collaborative and networked infrastructure of techne, screendance, AR, affect, place and smart mobile devices in the project AffeXity

    Jeannette Ginslov

    11. Neurocinematics: the first hand experience of a filmmaker in collaboration with neuroscientists

    Pia Tikka

    12. Shifting Our Horizons: Exploring Mobility In Micro Production & Floating Exhibition

    Max Schleser and Antony Nevin

    Theme 3: Shared Knowledge:

    13. Sharing Knowledge through Networked Collaboration

    Helen Varley Jamieson

    14. Methodologies of Risk and Experimental Prototyping

    Nancy Mauro-Flude

    15. Behind the Idea and meta models for creativity

    Alison Williams

    16. Mass Colla


    Camille C Baker is a Reader in the School of Communication Design, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, UK. She is a media artist/curator/Reader in digital media with recent work in participatory mobile and sensor performance using wearable technologies, now exploring creative coding and electronic development for smart-fashion projects. She explores new mechanisms to elicit engaging experiences using evolving approaches to participatory performance. Her website is camillebaker.me.

    Kate Sicchio is Visiting Assistant Professor, Integrated Digital Media, New York University, USA. She works at the interface of technology and choreography. Her work includes performances, installations, web and video projects. She has presented work internationally across the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Belgium and the UK at venues such as the V&A (London), EU Parliament (Brussels), Banff New Media Institute (Banff) and Arnolfini Art Centre (Bristol UK). Her website is http://www.sicchio.com.