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Intersections: Continental and Analytic Philosophy: Intersections: Continental and Analytic Philosophy

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In recent years, the familiar division within modern Western philosophy between what are commonly called its 'Analytical' and its 'Continental' forms has been questioned from both sides of the divide. A new generation of philosophers, often benefiting from a far more pluralistic training in the history and methods of both 'traditions', have begun to work in ways which promise to make the terms of this traditional division irrelevant. This new series, Intersections, is intended to provide a home and a platform for the best examples of philosophical research that seeks to expound the founding texts of 'Continental philosophy' with all the critical tools that 'Analytical philosophy' makes available. It also seeks to explore the unfamiliar but challenging conceptions and standards of rigorous thinking that 'Continental philosophy' is founded upon. The series gathers together exciting new studies from philosophers well versed in, and sympathetic to, both 'traditions', presenting a cluster of titles on key topics in contemporary philosophy which move towards rendering the traditional Continental-Analytic divide irrelevant. The series aims to help to hasten the demise of a profoundly damaging internal discord that is, in large part, based on mutual misunderstanding.

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Either Kierkegaard/Or Nietzsche Moral Philosophy in a New Key

Either Kierkegaard/Or Nietzsche: Moral Philosophy in a New Key

1st Edition

By Tom P.S. Angier
November 28, 2016

Arguably Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche are the two most significant moral philosophers of the nineteenth century, their works showing a remarkably trenchant and penetrating awareness of key ethical issues, while demonstrating a stylistic flair that is rare in philosophical writing. ...

Time and Death Heidegger's Analysis of Finitude

Time and Death: Heidegger's Analysis of Finitude

1st Edition

By Carol J. White, edited by Mark Ralkowski
November 28, 2016

In Time and Death Carol White articulates a vision of Martin Heidegger's work which grows out of a new understanding of what he was trying to address in his discussion of death. Acknowledging that the discussion of this issue in Heidegger's major work Being and Time is often far from clear, White ...

Beyond the Philosopher's Fear A Cavellian Reading of Gender, Origin and Religion in Modern Skepticism

Beyond the Philosopher's Fear: A Cavellian Reading of Gender, Origin and Religion in Modern Skepticism

1st Edition

By Ludger H. Viefhues-Bailey
October 28, 2007

Based on a detailed analysis of gender in Stanley Cavell's treatment of the skeptical problem, this book addresses the relationship between gender and religion in modern skepticism. Engaging in dialogue with Julia Kristeva's philosophy, Viefhues claims that a religious problem underlies Cavell's ...

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